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Name: Javier Lazarnoright

Nickname: Jav

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Kor Vella, Corellia

Age: 39

Light Side/Dark Side Ratio: 7/5

Javier Lazarno is played by Antonio Banderas

Javier has a dark complexion that sets him apart from most Corellians, but he has the charm that characterises many of them. He has black hair that he wears long and usually tied to his neck and very dark brown eyes. He is tall and well built without being massive and moves with a natural grace.

Javier’s mother was a waitress in one of Kor Vella’s most popular cantinas. He never knew his father till the age of twelve, but he had heard a lot about the dashing dark man who had sired him. His parents had met when he was chasing a ruthless assassin, and Kala had fallen head over heels in love with him. Elías Lazarno hadn’t known that she'd been with child when he’d left behind yet another prey. Kala Garcis never tired of talking about her bounty hunter, she wanted her only son to know of his origins and instil in him a sense of pride on his father, even if she doubted he’d ever return. For all she knew he could have been killed long ago, a distinct possibility in is line of work.

After Kala died when Javier was only eight, the Cantina’s owner had taken pity on the boy and let him stay. The old witch allowed him live in the rooms above the saloon and help the cleaning droids till he was old enough to wait on customers. She even got out of her way to help him fend off clients who wanted to spend a ‘good time’ with the attractive boy, with time, Javier learnt how to defend himself quite effectively on his own.

It was in one of these times when Javier saw his father for the first time. A big, hulking man had taken him from the wrist and pulled him to his lap, his beady eyes twinkling at Javier’s prepubescent beauty. He was so enthralled at what he thought was an easy catch that he didn’t notice Javier pulling a small vibroblade from his trousers till it was pressed to his jellylike double chin. Taking advantage of his captor’s surprise, Javier jumped off his lap and walked backwards, his eyes hard and challenging, till he bumped onto another person. Surprised, Javier looked up and found himself staring into eyes as dark as his. He recognized his father immediately.

He didn’t need much to convince his father of who he was. The resemblance was remarkable, and besides, Kala had told him enough about his life to make his story ring true. After talking with the boy Elías Lazarno was sure he was his son, he didn’t even bother to check his DNA. He had never forgotten Kala, although some thing or the other had prevented him from coming back to Corellia for years. And having witnessed the kind of life Javier led, he decided to take the boy with him.

For the next eight years, Javier lived with his father, and he realized that his mother had pictured an idealized image of him. He never really came to love his sire, but was grateful for his rescuing him from a fateful future and learned to respect the man. He served as a crewmember aboard Elías’ ship, the Space Wrath, and learnt the tradecraft of bounty hunting, but he never liked the violent, often ruthless, job.

left After the death of Elías during a hunt, Javier inherited the Space Wrath along with other equipment. He’d stayed with his father out of gratitude and respect, but as soon as he was on his own, he decided to change his line of work. He sold the ship and most of his father’s weapons and equipment, and bought a much less sophisticated freighter. However, the new ship was far more appropriate for his new smuggling career. He contacted some of the people he’s known in his travels with Elías and started his new trade with enthusiasm and eagerness.

Like many other smugglers, his luck took a turn for the worse with the dawning of the Empire. After a confrontation with a corrupted imperial contingent Javier lost his ship and his cargo, but managed to save his life and most of his savings. This was a couple of years ago, after that he has worked in some spur of the moment jobs, run with other smugglers, played Sabacc professionally and gambled in various games in different planets. He always saves part of his profits - he plans to buy a new ship as soon as he has amassed enough credits.

Javier is very adaptable man, he’s fluent in several languages, and knows enough phrases and usages of others to get by, as a result of his growing years in a Cantina and his travels around the galaxy with his father. Jav is also very observant, and has a talent for acting, something that has saved his life time and again. He’s masqueraded as a bounty hunter, a slaver, and even a Jedi Knight, to name a few. He’s not above lying to get what he wants, although, when possible, he prefers the truth in order to avoid complications.

Javier is a very good pilot, and can fly almost anything. He’s a good businessman too, able to manage his trade with ease, usually talking clients into a better commission or a lower price, it’s only bad luck the situation he finds himself in.
Jav doesn’t usually resort to violence, and only does when his life is genuinely threatened. He prefers to use his skills and survival instincts to get out of difficult situations - however, he was trained as a bounty hunter, and that shows quite effectively when needed.

He has a good eye to evaluate situations or people, and can usually tell when somebody is lying to him. He is also a very good gambler, especially when it comes to fortune games.

Force powers: None that he knows of, he’s never connected his quick assessment of situations or people – or his good luck – with the Force.

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