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Hey folks. I subbed a char back in August, and there's been no activity on his submittal post. I hadn't seen anything on the boards about a character-hold, was just wondering what the situation is. I'm not pressuring or being snippity, just curious if I should give up on him.

Character confirm on hold?

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Sorry Niko, if you were waiting for our response. :? As you were an 'old' member i think everybody thougth you knew that once a character is submitted and admitted... we dont deny new chars - well, unless something is terribly wrong, which isnt. You dont need to wait for our response, we already gave it to you... on your first proposal. :D

Something similar happened to Jim, sorry again for not being sufficiently clear.

Jim wrote:
Can I get a final decision on whether this is accepted or not? If it is, I'd like to make my first post this weekend.

MrDave wrote:

I'm sorry I guess it wasn't really made clear. Once you are In a game that unless someone expresses a real objection to something in your character it is generally accepted. Your first character was accepted, so changing characters isn't a big deal.

Besides, I loved your char. Just keep him away from Alessa, she has had problems with her memory. I dont want more. :roll:

Character confirm on hold?

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Not a problem.


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