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Star Wars: Revelations!!!!!

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Just watched Revelations on ifilm. I have to say I'm incredibly impressed. This is the best Star Wars film since Jedi, and it clinches an opinion I've held since seeing Phantom Menace-- Star Wars is not George Lucas' baby anymore. Lucas' real influence on the Star Wars universe is tiny compared to the constant stream of media over the last twenty-eight years, and the fact that a group of amature volunteers succeeded in capturing Star Wars' spirit when Lucas and his mighty Lucasfilm failed so completely moves this opinion into the realm of justifiable fact.

I'm glad Revenge of the Sith is Lucas' last film outing into the Star Wars universe, he's proven to us that he has no idea how to handle is his own creation. As far as I'm concerned, Lucas has the legal rights to Star Wars and that's it.

Re: Star Wars: Revelations!!!!!

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earwigfleshfactory wrote:
As far as I'm concerned, Lucas has the legal rights to Star Wars and that's it.

I've had that opinion for a very long time. Since I started reading the EU books I've been convinced that, despite Lucas' efforts to the contrary, it isn't his universe anymore. It belongs to the fans, the authors, artists, the role-play gamers, even to an extent the computer game developers. Although he came up with the original idea, those people have taken it to places that he couldn't even imagine and, imho, have built upon the original films until it has become the glorious monster it is now. Old George seems to have trouble letting go and coping with this, as we've seen in the new prequal films (which, although I like, bring up hundreds of horrible inconsistencies with previously-established EU canon. I mean, Lucas sanctions this stuff. Surely he must read it as well? Why, then, does he go and change it when he releases new films? Because he wants to remind everybody its 'his'? Because he can? Does he even read any of it?). Its sad, really, because there's a lot of excellent stuff out there.

After just seeing Revelations for myself, I'm even more convinced of this. (And what a superb fan-film that was! Kudos to them all!)

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