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Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Season One will run from Febuary 6th to June 6th.

Due to a upgrade gone wrong all data was lost an thus all post have had to be re-posted so here they are...

It Begins

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 3:01 am
Post subject: Season One

It was around midnight and Tempest had just entered the street and started walking. At first without direction then after about 20 minutes he noticed three men following him. He continued walking; until he could duck into the nearest alley and threw himself against the wall and waited. He soon he saw their shadows as they enterd the alley.

"Stop," one said to the others, "Where are you!" he said as he looked about the alley.

"Why?" Tempest said with an edge as he left the shadows.

"We have bussines to discuss," said the unarmed leader.

"What business?"

"Your debts with Kain, fool; what else," said the leader dryly.

"I owe him nothing!"

"Ah but you destroyed something of much value, he demands repayment"

"Again I own him nothing!" shouted Tempest.

"Get him" The leader whispered to his companions.

They leaped towards Tempest; one tried to hit Tempest but met his fist instead. The other kicked Tempest sending him flying, As Tempest landed among the garbage along the alley wall, a sword appeared in his hands. He then launched himself towards the men cutting one's head off and leaving him as a pile of ashes. *Vampires* he realized as he slammed his boot into the other's face, sending him to the alley floor.

"So Kain has turned to having lesser demons do his dirty work?" Tempest laughed as he decapitated the Vampire lying at his feet.

"Not nearly" said the last of the attackers, as he waved his hands sending a blast of fire screeching into Tempest's shoulder, causing him to drop his sword and fall to his knees.

Tempest screamed as he threw himself into his adversary. He quickly pinned the man and put his hands around his throat, crushing the life out of his attacker. With a gurgle he died and Tempest leapt to his feet. His sword again appeared in his hands and he quickly decapitated his fallen foe and exited the alley way, to make his way home.

*The Next Day*

Tempest awoke groggily. The blood had dried on the floor and the sun was just now going down. After a few seconds Tempest could see again, his sword was lying across the floor just in front of him. As he sat up a surge of pain hit his shoulder and he grimaced and fell to the floor again.

A few hours later after he had bandaged himself, cleaned and polished his sword. He looked in the mirror at his shoulder and saw the blood slowly soak the bandage he thought to himself "How did I let this happen again..." then a spasm tore his thoughts from his mind he collapsed to one knee. He stood up a scowl on his face "After I find Kain I'll make him pay" he said quietly...

*The Next Day*

Tempest walked out of his small shabby apartment to the local bar "Bob's Bar". When he arrived he shoved the door open and took a seat at the bar. The place was mostly empty except for the small man at the counter and a few drunks about the place. Tempest grabbed the bartender as he passed by. "I'm looking for someone".

"And who may the person be?" he said bitterly.

"Kain ...you know him, now where is he?" Tempest said angrily.

"Ah, Kain, but why should I tell you? What’s in it for me?" the gruff bartender said jadedly.

Tempest tossed a twenty on the bar, and let go of Bob's collar. "Now where the hell is he?" he growled.

Bob quickly grabbed the cash "Kain...Kain hangs at that shit hole, Narco something or other with his lot ...That's all I know I swear" he said stuttering.

Tempest turned and left. As he walked towards the street corner he heard a faint explosion in the distance and looked up to see a trail of thick black smoke enter the air... about a mile away. *Tonight’s going be fun* he though to himself as he crushed his cigarette with his boot and crossed the street towards the smoke hanging in the air.


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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 10:46 am
Post subject: Meanwhile

It was an ordinary night for Stalker - he came up from the sewers around 10. He waited on the roof top above an alley way as he usually did.

About 10 minutes later, running down the alley, came a man. He wasn't really watching where he was going, seeming more interested in seeing if anyone was following.

Stalker lept and landed on his feet in front of the running man, who in turn collided with Stalker.

"Hey be careful. You ran into me" cried Stalker.

The man lay sprawled on the ground, winded but still intent on making sure no one was following - he kept looking behind to check.

"Oi, you just gonna just sit there huffin' an puffin' or are you gonna apologise to me?" Stalker cried as he watched the man sit there catching his breath. It was then Stalker noticed the bulge under the mans jacket "Hey what do you have hidden under your jacket then?" said Stalker.

He watched the man unsteadly get to his feet "None of your business" yelled the man as he made a dash back in the dirction he had come from. He didn't get far - he ran into Stalker again. "How did you...?"

Stalker interrupted, "You've stolen somthing haven't you? I can smell it, you're a theif!" and with that Stalker's face changed.

"Oh my God, what are you?" screamed the man.

"Ha, don't you recognise me? I'm exactly the same as you, except for one thing."


"I'm worse" and with those last words Stalker decided it was dinner time. The man was no match, no matter how hard he struggled...

*2 hours later*

Laying back on the roof top Stalker wasn't hungry any more but he still wanted to play a little. *That last one was too easy.* Stalker thought to himself.

Just at that moment he smelt something on the air. *A man, hmm, he isn't normal though, he has a strange scent to him, an old smell strangely familiar and something else. Vampires, two - and a warlock* he said to himself. *They're coming my way.* He looked down into the alley in time to see the man come around the corner and hide in the shadows.

Seconds later the warlock and vampires came around the corner. The warlock called the man out of his hiding spot. They argued a bit about somone named Kain. The man it seemed had destroyed something of Kain's and Kain wanted the man dead for it. This was evident because the vampires attacked the man.

The man destroyed the vampires by decapitating them with a sword that appeared from nowhere. He then killed the warlock, not without injury though, sustaining a nasty fireball injury to the shoulder.

Now normally Stalker would have left it then and there, after all strange things like this happened every day in L.A., but something plagued his mind through the sword. It was familier, he had seen it before somewhere long ago but could not remember when or where, it was like a cloud was some how blocking that part of his memory. He had to find out who this man was..

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 1:07 p.m.

Jadyn awoke with a start, sitting up in a bed that was strewn with red and black pillows...

"Good grief, what the hell was that? A girl can't even sleep at night in L.A without some explosion or other waking her up... Doesn't this city ever stop? Geeez!"

She shoved her long wavy locks off her forehead and clambered out of bed, shivering as she yanked on a red terry bathrobe, lit a cigarette and made her way to the window to peer futilely into the darkness. Failing to see anything, she leaned exhaustedly against the windowpane, her eyes taking in the still unfamiliar surroundings of her new apartment.

Stubbing the cigarette out, Jadyn, or Jade as she was known to her friends, trailed her fingers across the windowsill, coming to rest on a slim, silver vase that held a red rosebud.

"A girl can never have too many roses," her mother had been fond of saying.

Her mother had had a partiality towards roses, red roses in particular. Jade fingered the rosebud pendent dangling from the chain around her neck, eyes filling with pain as images of her parents and her older sister played through her mind, as they had almost every night for the last 4 years...

Tears pooled as she turned and threw herself on the bed. Gritting her teeth to prevent herself from crying, she buried herself under the duvet and willed her mind to go blank, willed herself to fall into the sweet oblivion that sleep provided...

*The next morning*

Jade kept an eye on the television as she went about what was fast becoming a daily routine in her trinket shop. She listened idly as the news reporter spoke of an unidentified man being found decapitated in a back alley and how the police weren't taking a more serious view on matters because the man had been an "Undesirable".

"What's an Undesirable anyway?" Jade muttered.

She looked up at the sound of a wolf whistle and barely suppressed a shudder of revulsion as she saw one of the regulars of Bob's Bar, a small, sleazy pub located near her store, leering at her from the pavement outside her shop window.

"Sooooo chickie, I heard you Chinese girlies are real pros at..." he made a gyrating movement with his hips and grinned obscenely. "When you gonna gimme a taste of it, eh?"

Jade was about to make a scathing retort but was distracted by the sight of a tall man in a black jacket leaving Bob's.

"He looks like... Could that be... Nah..." she thought.

Shrugging her shoulders, she continued with her dusting, barely glancing at the drunk standing outside. He couldn't hurt her. Young as she was and fragile as she appeared to be, Jade was more than capable of looking after herself. At that moment, her thoughts were all too focused on the dark-haired stranger she'd met several years back, the one she'd come to L.A to find.

The one who'd saved her life...

Settling In

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 1:31 p.m.
Post subject: Settling In

Tash gazed around the apartment she now called home. *Not bad - I've certainly lived in worse!* she mused as took in the slightly shabby but clean interior of the place. She'd managed to find an apartment that wasn't too expensive and wasn't in the really bad areas of LA, but not too far from them, either.

There was at least one cross in every room, including the bathroom, and the box under her bed contained most of her weapons. Apart from the second-hand bed and an old, battered table with two chairs (one with a wonky leg) there was little by way of furniture, but Tash didn't care. So long as she had somewhere safe to sleep.

The second bedroom was home to the new motorbike she'd bought with the money that had been accumulating in her account. There was no way she was going to be leaving that out the front. The motorbike seemed like a good idea, it had faster takeoff than a car and could go places that a car couldn't. Besides, it was cheaper.

She peered at her reflection in the fly-specked mirror in the bathroom. She was dressed to blend in with the crowd. Jeans, runners, and a top with sleeves long enough to cover the scars on her arms. Tash pulled on her leather gloves and jacket and thought briefly about taking the shoulder holster for the H&K, then shook her head. *No, all I'm doing tonight is keeping my ears open. Not killing anything.* She did slip a stake into her jacket pocket, though.

She started small, picking a bar on the edge of the seedy side of town. Looking around at the patrons, she didn't see any of the telltale signs of those who have regular dealings with vampires. Anyone who hung around vamps long enough started to get wisps of black in their auras. All she was getting in this bar was the usual mix of murky reds, dull yellows and browns, much as you'd expect from the lost souls who inhabit this sort of bar.

Keeping her ears and mind open, Tash soon discovered that much more interesting bars were to be found a few blocks away. Finishing her diet coke, she moved on to the next likely target.

Several bars later she figured she'd found what she was looking for. The second she entered Bob's Bar she felt a shiver run over her skin. Sure enough, two pitch black auras surrounded the couple seated in the corner. At least they seemed to be drinking from glasses rather than veins. Suppressing the urge to stake them then and there, Tash fronted the mostly empty bar to order a drink.

The barman looked like a weasely little guy. The streaks of black among the dirty yellow of his aura told her everything she needed to know. If Matthias were indeed in LA, sooner or later he would be here picking up leads.

The barman glanced her way, raised one eyebrow at Tash.

"Diet coke." she told him.

A few moments later he plonked the drink in front of her. She passed him a note, trying not to touch him, even with her gloves on. His mind was filled with names, of people or places she couldn't tell. Matthias wasn't one of them, and none of the others meant anything to her ... yet. Grabbing up her change, she took her drink to a table as far from the vampires as she could manage and proceeded to observe.

The place wasn't very full yet, so she'd only had to fend off one drunken amorous advance before the night became suddenly much more interesting.

A tall guy, at least six foot, threw open the door, making it bang against the far wall. *Somebody's not happy* Tash thought. Then she looked twice. The aura on this guy was like nothing she'd seen before. Mostly blues and purples, unusual for the sort you'd generally find in this kind of bar. Around one shoulder was a bright red spike - he must have been hurt recently. The really startling thing, though, was the amount of white in the aura. She'd never seen anybody with more than a few streaks of white, but in this guy it was everywhere. Tash shook her head *No idea what THAT means...*.

The guy strode to the bar and grabbed the weasely bartender. There was a short altercation between the two. Tash heard the name "Kain" and with it a picture from the bartender of a bald guy in a suit.

As the tall man left the bar, Tash stood up. She wasn't sure that following him would do her any good - he didn't seem to have anything to do with vampires or Matthias. It was that mysterious aura that intrigued her. She had to find out more.

*Yeah, and curiosity killed the cat!* she reminded herself as she slipped out the door.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 3:09 p.m.

"Arghh! I mean, what the hell was I thinking I mean shit! Trying to walk outside in the daylight. Arghh" screamed Stalker. "What am I? A bloody day old vamp argh even they have the sense to stay out of the light! At least a day old vamp would have the bloody instincts shit" cried Stalker in pain.

"Ever since I saw that bloody man! ARGHHH!" Stalker's cries were cries of pain as well as cries out against his own carlessness. Things had not been going well for Stalker since seeing the man in the alley...

Stalker had followed the man from the alleyway that night, keeping at a reasonable distance so as not to be seen. Yet being so focused on following the man Stalker had, whilst crossing the road, been hit by a car. The injuries he sustained were minor, but still hurt like hell. He managed to coninue following the man, after killing the offending driver. He followed the man to an apartment block, noted the apartment number and had gone back to his lair to get some extra rest and heal his injuries.

The next day Stalker had, unknowingly, woken early from sleep and not only did he step out into the daylight but also climbed out of the wrong manhole and into the path of a crosstown bus. He had been able to scramble quickly enough out of the sunlight, down another manhole and into the sewage so as to put out the fire that was consuming him.

He lay unconscious in the sewage the whole day and most of the night. Stalker, very worse for wear, awoke to crawl back to his lair and mistakingly crawled into one of his own bear traps placed alround his secret lair. Not having the strenghth to pull the bear trap off his arm, Stalker dragged himself into his lair and lapsed back into unconsiousness.

He awoke yet again the next night in the most terrible pain, yet with enough strength to pull the bear trap off his arm. He surveyed the damage he had done to himself. His whole body was tertrbly burnt from the sunlight and diseased from the sewage, he had a broken ankle, all his ribs on his left side were broken, he also had very deep cuts in his arm from the bear trap and was fairly sure the arm was broken. He would be out of action for at least a week. Even then he wouldn't in much of a state to hunt...

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Black Jem
Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 8:58 p.m.

Black Jem, or Jem as people and demons knew her, wandered around her dark, candlelit crypt searching for something frantically. She was starting to get angry and quickly.

"Where is it?" she shouted at one of her minions, her face changing as she spoke.

"Where is what?" a small built vampire stuttered.

"The address, you know that piece of paper that had the address of that demon guy, Kain or something."

"Um, no." he said again, still stuttering.

"Arghh!" Jem shouted, kicking a pillar at the edge of her crypt and leaving a large dent and crack running down it. "If I want anything done I always have to do it myself. I really need some better lackeys, you know?"

The vampires surrounding her looked at the floor and turned away.

"Fine, I'm going, get some blood, this address and stop by at Eb's on the way." She slammed the door of the crypt open and stormed out, muttering to herself.

Jem walked through the cemetery lighting a cigarette as she went. She was beginning to cool down now. As she walked out of the cemetery she saw a tall dark figure walking past in the street. She followed him a little way down the road hovering in the shadows until the man went into a building, an apartment or something. Jem decided to carry on her way *Plenty more humans about to feed on and anyway, I've got far more important business to attend to*.

The door of Bob's Bar slammed open and Jem walked in. Most of the people and creatures in there knew her either from good or bad run-ins. She went to the bar and got some blood then started to talk to Bob.
"Where's Kain?"

"Kain? I don't know no Kain." he stuttered.

Just then Black Jem punched him in the face. The vampires sitting at the tables behind howled both at Jem and at what she'd done, they got a kick out of people punching Bob.

"Now, I'm starting to get pissed off again and you know what happens when that happens...don't you?" Jem changed to her vampiric form and leaned over the bar to whisper in his ear.

"Okay, I'll tell but only for a price...." He then received another punch from Jem's fist.

"Ouch! He lives somewhere near the Hyperion hotel, I don't know what number only how to get to it." he said hurriedly as he passed her a plan of the city sewers. Jem grabbed the plan and walked out of the bar slamming the door behind her.

"Blood, you didn't pay for the blood..." Bob shouted after her but she didn't listen.

*Next stop Kain's*

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2002 9:31 p.m.

The bus made its way through the inky darkness of the Californian night. It made its way over deteriorating LA streets, past the dilapidated buildings and refuse that lined them, past the impoverished and desperate people that inhabited them. The bus passengers, despite their surroundings, acted as if nothing were amiss.

*Safe within the metal walls of this bus, they couldn’t care less about the suffering of their fellow man. How easily they ignore the urgings of their souls, is compassion so foreign to them? Those who do not ignore the suffering gaze at it like some child gazes at a bird he has fed Alka-Seltzer. Those who are not callous are depraved.*

Cian Macrae occupied one of the seats at about the middle of the bus, sitting with his samsonite suitcase resting on his lap, and his clasped hands resting on top of the suitcase. The seat next to him was vacant, but he still felt as if he were being crowded, as if the mere presence of these humans was oppressive to him.

*This lack of feeling and this depravity is not the worst of their sins, indeed, they are hardly sins I could venture to judge them for. But there is the idiocy of these people as well. Their attitudes irritate me, and their mannerisms cheapen life itself. They are so pompous.*

The bus’ patrons were made up almost entirely of the comfortable middle class, as was evident in their dress and speech. Near the front of the bus, a fat man wearing the white collar of the priesthood sat with what must have been his daughter, an attractive girl of at least eighteen. He radiated an aura of self-assurance and superiority.

Cian grinned, showing an even row of white teeth.

*So pompous, that I cannot, in good conscience, let them live.*

The bus pulled off a main street and into a depot, moving into a large storage garage and parking between two other buses, both of which were painted to be identical to the first. The bus driver exited the vehicle and proceeded to hold the door open for the disembarking passengers.

Cian acted quickly, moving down the aisle quickly enough that only the priest and his daughter were able to disembark before he reached the door.

The charging vampire struck the driver at the base of his forearm, dislocating his elbow. The man fell to his knees, howling in pain. Cian grabbed him by his good arm and pushed his back into the bus. Cian slammed the bus door shut, hard enough to warp its frame, effectively locking the door in place.

The subduing and relocation of the bus driver was accomplished with only the use of Cian’s left hand, as his right hand held his suitcase; which he now used to hit the stunned priest across the face, shattering his nose and knocking him to the cold concrete floor.

Again using his left arm, Cian grabbed the priest’s daughter by the arm and drew her to him. The girl was far too shocked by the violence she had just witnessed to take any actions to protect herself. Cian bit her, and drank deeply of her blood.

*It’s different when you're part of the suffering, isn’t it?*

Cian dropped the girl and walked back from the bus, pausing only to kick the preacher, who had risen to his hands and knees, in the small of the back, shattering his spine.

The bus passengers had begun to panic, made afraid by the killings and their captivity. They had begun to pry at and strike doors and windows in an attempt to escape, but their efforts proved to be unequal to the task at hand, and the passengers remained captive.

Once he had put a good distance between himself and the bus, Cian turned and took one of his side arms from its holster under his leather jacket. He discharged two rounds, both of which struck the bus squarely in the gas tank.

The gunfire brought the passengers from a state of panic to a state of hysteria. Those closer to the exits were trampled and crushed by those behind them. The bus driver’s shattered elbow quickly became the least of his worries. The bus itself began to shake violently with the vain escape attempts of those within it.

Cian discharged a third round, which again struck the bus in the gas tank. This time, the bullet had the desired effect and the gas ignited, forming a ball of fire and launching the bus into the air high enough to strike the ceiling, tearing a hole in the sheet metal. As quickly as it had become airborne, the bus was again brought under the influence of gravity and crashed down on one of its twins, shattering its pristine chassis with its maimed one.

The better part of a city block away from the burning bus depot, Cian stood gazing at the pillar of black smoke in the gradually lightening sky. Finally, for fear of the impending daylight, he broke away from the monument of destruction and ducked inside one of the dilapidated buildings which lined the block he stood on.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2002 7:00 am

Tempest crossed the street towards the abandoned building. He knew immediately what it was - the smell, the sounds, the look of the building - he knew. He decided to check it out anyway. He then jogged across the street and walked casually into the alley beside the dilapidated building. He threw his sword and jacket behind a large green Dumpster, jumped on top and leapt onto the ladder leading up to the fire escape. As he neared the third floor he noticed a broken window and entered the building.

As he entered, the smell was overpowering. He could barely breathe, the stench was so heavy. He decided he should be very quick getting what he needed from this place. He opened the door into the hallway and saw immediately in front of him a vampire feeding off a moaning, what appeared to be willing, human. In fact it seemed like he was enjoying it. Tempest simply walked by, it wasn't his problem anyway.

Tempest then saw the entrance to the stairs he was looking for and quickly descended the stairs until he came to the main floor. As he exited the stairwell he was again assaulted by an even more horrific smell than before. He knew the smell of death and this was most certainly it. All about him were bodies, some alive a few rotting and just as many doing any form of drug imaginable. He looked around and noticed a lit room to his right. He decided to investigate.

He entered the room and immediately noticed it was far cleaner than the rest of the building. He turned the corner from the first room into the next and he noticed a small middle aged man sitting at a desk. There were a few “rougher” looking men sitting about the room busying themselves as they pleased. The man at the desk at the back of the room looked up as he entered.

“What are you looking for? These aren’t the restrooms,” he said jokingly.

“Actually I'm looking for a person, I believe your associates.”

“Well who is it you're looking for? I'm a busy man and have plenty of associates.”

“Kain. I'm guessing he isn't here right now, but I'd like to talk to him. Seems I have a debt to settle with him.”

“You're right, he isn't here. But I'm surprised you know about this place but you don't know where Kain would be tonight? But anyhow he’s at his place. You know the Beazor complex or whatever it used to be.”

“Thanks I guess, but why are you telling me all this? I mean no one else seemed to want to tell me where he is.”

“We have an arrangement where we refer business to each other. You look like a betting man.” Tempest wasn't really listening at this point anyway. The contact high he was getting was starting to bother him. He decided it was time to leave and simply exited the room into the dark of the main floor.

On his way here he had felt someone or something following him. He decided it would be best to slip out without being seen so he walked to the couch near the exit on the other side of the room and threw a disgusting rag of a blanket over himself. He then pushed open the exit and entered the same alley he had used as an entrance, immediately went to the back of the Dumpster grabbed his belongings and quickly exited the alley out the other side. As he entered the street he ducked into a doorway, threw off the rag he was covering himself with, put on his jacket and dumped his sword in the blanket.

*Some time later*

Tempest approached the Beazor complex as the sign in front labeled it. It must have at one time been a warehouse but that time had long since past, it was still decently kept as though someone was still barely maintaining it. Tempest crossed the street to the front doors of the “Complex” As he neared, two vampires quickly left the shadows and confronted him.

“What's this?” he said as the men neared.

“There's a cover for tonight's event, pay up” one of the vamps growled.

“How much?” Tempest asked quickly.

“For you sir, twenty” the other vamp said mockingly.

Tempest threw a twenty at the man as he passed. *This isn't going be an un-costly debt as I hoped* he though as he opened the doors and entered to a howl of a large crowd surrounding a pit in the center of the warehouse. Tempest walked up to one of the guards standing against a large metal brace that held up the second floor.

“Where’s Kain? Apparently we have some business together” Tempest said sharply.

“Ah, you must be Tempest. He said you might be coming since Loark hasn't returned yet. He’s up there.” said the man as he pointed towards the stairs to the second floor.

Tempest walked quickly and was soon at the doors of what appeared to be an office hallway. As he approached, the doors swung open and he was led to a large office at the back of the hallway. The man who had led him to the office pushed him in and slammed the door. Tempest looked up to see a large bald man looming in front of him.

“How may I help you?” the man said as he lit a cigar.

“Its seems I have a debt to settle with you?”

“Indeed, you happen to have maimed one of my best fighters right before a match. And thus incurred a significant loss upon me. You will repay me!” the man demanded.

“I don’t think so!” Tempest said as his sword appeared in his hands and was quickly brought to the man’s throat. Within the space of a second Tempest's sword was knocked into the corner on the room and he was thrown against the opposite wall. As he rose to his feet a large shadow loomed in front of him. Before his eyes the shadow quickly condensed into the man he had seen when he had entered the office.

“You will do what I ask and our debt will be settled. This is not up for debate fool” the Creature boomed as he seated himself again at his desk. “Our debt will only be settled when you have brought me something of value, a Crystal in fact. The crystal will be entering the city in the hands of an unknowing but powerful protector. You will retrieve this crystal and bring it to me. That is all.” As he finished his sentence two vampires opened the door and escorted Tempest to the rear exit and shoved him into the street.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2002 1:45 p.m.

Tash was glad of her jacket as she stepped out of Bob's Bar and into the chill of the LA night. A pall of smoke was rising from several blocks away, but her quarry was not headed that way. The tall man with the strange aura broke into a jog briefly, then paused outside an old, dilapidated building before disappearing down the alleyway beside it.
Moments later, Tash was level with the building on the opposite side of the street - she would never have spotted the man if his aura hadn't been so bright. There he was, just clambering into a third storey window. She took one step towards the alleyway, then was brought up short. The chill seeping from the building seemed to penetrate to her core.

*Well, so he DOES have something to do with vampires after all.*

Shaking off her unease, she walked as casually as she could across the road and into the alley. She spotted the dumpster the guy must have used to reach the ladder and took off a glove.

*Better not piss about, no telling how long he's going to be.*

She touched the dumpster lighly, but all she got was a montage of drunks throwing up and hundreds of garbage workers. Running her hand along the top, she knew that if she found the exact point where the man had touched it she might get something. After a moment she caught the briefest flash of the man dropping something behind the dumpster.

Quickly moving around the back, she noticed the dark bundle of a jacket which seemed to be wrapped around something long. Well, mostly around it - she could see a small shiny patch at one corner. Carefully lifting that edge of the jacket with her one gloved hand, she gently laid her bare fingertips on what appeared to be the crosspiece of a sword.

Instantly her mind was filled with the vision of an old man, looking very pale and wasted, lying on a bed. A very old-fashioned bed. The old man was handing the sword to a much younger man - the man from the bar. Then she saw no more visions, but was filled with a sense of power and purpose that emanated from the sword. Snatching her hand away as if it were burned, Tash wondered how she'd failed to notice before that, to her, the sword almost seemed to glow with power.

She replaced the corner of the jacket, ensuring it looked no different from before she touched it. Retreating to the far end of the alleyway, she found a deep door recess in which to hide and prepared herself to wait for an indefinite period.

*Gonna keep a girl on the run, aren't you?* Tash had barely settled in her doorway when a shape covered in a filthy bit of rag emerged into the alley. She smiled to herself as she recognised the aura. Obviously the guy knew he was being followed, but didn't know how distinct he truly was.

She held her breath as the man recovered his belongings, but he didn't seem to notice they'd been touched. Then she stopped breathing again, as he exited the alley in the opposite direction to that he'd entered from, passing within a few feet of her as he did so. He was so close, she managed to pick up a single thought from him as he passed -

*Dammit, who the hell IS this Kain guy, anyway?* Tash figured Kain probably wasn't a vampire hunter if this guy was asking vamps where he was.

The tall man ducked into a doorway not far from Tash's hiding place, and emerged moments later without the blanket. He strode purposefully down the street and Tash followed a block or so behind. She couldn't get over how easy it was to track someone with such a bright white aura. Everyone else on the street had the dull colours of those who'd lost all hope of finding anything good or beautiful in their lives.

Tash felt strange following this guy around all night, but she figured so far he'd led her to one vampire lair, and you could bet she'd be visiting that place again sometime... Sure enough, the next building he approached was being guarded by two men with completely black auras. *Bloody vampires are everywhere in this town!* The man gave one of the vampires a note and entered. The place had a sign describing itself as the Beazor Complex. *Another one for the diary...not been a bad nights' work so far.*

Tash loitered for a minute or two, undecided about continuing to follow this guy. *Mind you, it's not like he's an innocent. He obviously knows about the vamps and so forth. So howcome he has no black? No, I'll just check this place out a little, then call it a night.*

She strolled around the corner and eyeballed the place from the side. It looked like an old, double-storey warehouse, but wasn't quite as shabby as most of the buildings in this neighbourhood. Continuing her seemingly casual scrutiny, she turned the corner just as a rear door opened and two black auras threw a white aura onto the street. *Goddamn it! What's going on with this guy? Am I supposed to follow him around all bloody night? I've had it with this hiding in shadows!*

Crossing the few paces between them, Tash called "Hey, are you OK?"

As if to help him up, Tash grasped the shoulder with the red spike flaring from it. The man flinched slightly.

"Oh, they've hurt you! Are you OK?" she repeated. *Well, here goes. Let's see what happens now.*

Bored now

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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2002 5:41 p.m.
Post subject: Bored Now

Ebony sat there. She was bored. She was always bored. Life had been boring. death was still boring. There was an unpleasant crunch as she twisted the wing off another crow and listened to it skwark. She grinned slyly as it struggled limply in her hands. Now it bored her. She broke its neck.

She carefully put its body in the line of the many other dead animals she had been playing with. The cat she had won at kitty poker rubbed itself around her leather covered ankles. She licked the blood from her fingers. The black cat - named Bird (no-one knew why. It was a twisted mind thing, they guessed) - did the same. It too had aquired a taste for blood.

Ebony looked around her small crypt. There were cages dotted around and numerous sharp and pointy objects. She picked up one of her favourite toys. The cattle prod. She liked to hear people scream when she used it. She looked in the mirror. There was nothing there. She threw a knife at it, and it smashed into several pieces on the floor.

She activated the cattle prod (which she so dutifully called Sparky). It made a faint 'veeeee' as it charged up. It moved at the speed of light hitting a rat that crawled over the floor. Blue sparks moved over its shape. It stumbled a bit but carried on walking.

"Not enough juice to knock out rat. You need a boost! Don't you, Sparky? Jem said she would stop over anyway didn't she, so we'll se if she's up for a shop."

She got up and started to leave in the directoin of Black Jem's crypt. There was a crack as she trod on the rat. Sparky twirled expertly in her hands as she walked out the door.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Black Jem
Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2002 7:57 p.m.

Jem headed back towards the cemetery to go and find Ebony, cigarette between the fingers of one hand and a pistol in the other. She always carried her pistol around or put it in her coat just in case.

She had been casually wandering around the cemetery for a while now and still hadn't found Ebony. She looked in Ebony's crypt but no Eb, just Bird (her cat) and a large pile of dead animals including a crow that Bird was pawing at. Jem walked out - it was clear that Eb was not home so she walked next door to her crypt.

Opening the door and starting to rant to her minions as soon as it was opened and without even looking to see Ebony standing in front of her, Jem walked into her crypt. Looking up, she saw Ebony standing surrounded by her minions and fellow gang members. She stopped moaning immediately.

"Eb! How's it going?"

Ebony looked at Jem then at the battered pillar in the crypt.

"What? Oh, that, you can just blame it on these lame excuses for vampires." she said, looking at the vamps around her. "Go, leave!" She shouted to her minions. "We'll meet in an hour or two at Kain's, bring weapons." The vampires left, leaving Jem and Ebony.

"So you wanna hit the shops before we visit our mate?" she asked Eb with a smile on her face.


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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 5:46 am
Post subject: Meanwhile

Stalker was hungry, very hungry. He hadn't feed in three days, since he feed off the thief in the alleyway. He had to do something. He made his way up to the surface.

There was no choice, he had to go to Bob's Bar. He never usually went their except to trade with Bob. He'd trade the things found on his victims' bodies for cash. Stalker limped very stiffly into the bar trying not to be noticed. That didn't last long.

"HEY Stalky, how you doing? Not too well it looks. What'd ya do, get hit by a bulldozer or something?" said Bob smiling.

"Yeah, something like that," answered Stalker.

"So what ya got to trade tonight Stalky?"

"Nothing. Just came in for a drink," Stalker replied.

"Ha! Thought you said the blood I serve was crap" Bob said with a big grin.

"Yeah, yeah. Just gimme some blood - I need it" Stalker was getting annoyed. All the healing his body had been doing had drained him terribly and he needed blood.

Bob placed a bottle on the bar. Stalker grabbed it and gulped down the blood greedly "ANOTHER!" Stalker yelled as he slammed the empty bottle to the bar.

"Hey you weren't kiddin' when you said you needed it" Bob said as he placed another bottle on the bar. Stalker drank that too and then called Bob back up from the other end of the bar "Yeah, what? Do you want ANOTHER bottle!" Bob exclaimed.

"No not just yet. Just a bit of info."

"It'll cost ya."

Stalker placed a $50 on the table.

"What do you wanna know?" Bob said as he snatched up the $50.

"Do you know of any witches in town?"

"Yeah, looking for any one in particular?"

"One in particular, names Kate I think, might be able to help me out."

"Help you out, how?" Bob said inquisitivly.

"None of your business," Stalker said with a growl.

"OK, OK, don't have to get angry. According to my sources there is one on the outskirts of town, don't know if it's her. Here, I'll write down the address." Bob scribbled down the address and handed it to Stalker.

"Are you sure it's her?" said Stalker.

"Don't know, think her name starts with a K," said Bob thinking hard.

"Thanks a lot," Stalker said as he left the bar.

Stalker felt a bit better after drinking some blood but was still in a terrible condition. *Now I have to go find this witch. Maybe she'll be able to help me out* he thought to himself as he limped round the corner into an alleyway...


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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 9:42 am
Post subject: Flashback...

It was late in the evening when Jadyn locked the door of her trinket shop, XY. Despite the fact that it was already 8 o'clock, the streets were still filled with people hurrying home from work.

"Guess L.A.'s not a place where you linger around after dark..." she mumbled under her breath. She wished that she had had the capital to start her business in a more upscale district of town but store rentals were exorbitantly expensive and this was as far as her budget had been able to stretch. "No matter". she shrugged as she activated the alarm system. XY had done well enough in the first couple of weeks it'd been open and the neighborhood wasn't all that dodgy in the day.

She pulled the lapels of her black leather jacket tighter around her, for there was a frigid chill in the air. Walking briskly towards her apartment building, lost in thought, she couldn't stop thinking about the man she'd seen today, walking out of Bob's Bar. Memories from the past came flooding back, filling her mind, transporting her back to a much darker time in her life...

* Flashback - September 2001 - Melbourne, Australia*

Her family had been living in Melbourne for almost two years, she'd grown to love the vibrant city that they now called home and would, till her father got a new posting. Then the nightmares had begun. Jade started dreaming of a pregnant Asian woman being dragged into an alley by a dark shadow - she heard her terrified screams for help, saw images of blood and death, and awoke night after night bathed in sweat. However, though these dreams frightened her, through them wafted a strong sense of familiarity.

She'd started to dread going to sleep, not wanting to see those horrific scenes being replayed over and over. When she finally confessed the reason for her increasing lethargy and insomnia to her parents, their reactions puzzled her. Instead of looking worried or shocked as she expected, they shared a look that had told her they knew far more than they were letting on. When they'd finally told her the truth, the shock of it almost sent her to her knees.

Firstly, she wasn't their true daughter and had instead, been adopted as a tiny baby. Her birth mother, Rose, and her adopted mother, Carrie, had been best friends since they'd both been children. Even after their lives had taken radically different paths - Carrie had married and left to travel with her husband, Rose started work at an art gallery and was fast becoming one of the most well-respected women in her field - the girls remained close. Which was why, when Rose had unexpectedly written to Carrie back in the 1980s begging for help, Carrie had dropped everything and rushed to Hong Kong, only to find out that her friend was dying. And that she was the mother of a baby girl.

Rose then confided that she'd fallen in love with a man who called himself Valerian, a client of hers at the gallery, despite having sensed that he had somewhat of a dark and mysterious past. It was only a while ago, just before her daughter was born, that she stumbled upon the terrible truth - Valerian was a vampire! Although he swore that he wouldn't harm her or their child, Rose had tried repeatedly to run away, but in vain. Valerian's blood ran through Jade's veins, her soul was a part of his. Linked to his child that way, he was able to seek her out time and again, no matter where she hid. The months of living on the run had taken their toll on Rose, wasting her away, killing her bit by bit. She begged Carrie to look after her baby, to raise Jade as her own and to tell her the truth about her heritage when Jade was old enough.

Carrie spoke quietly, tears running down her face. "You're a miracle, my darling. Never before you had a vampire conceived a child with a mortal. Usually, 'offspring' were created by vampires transforming mortals they had taken a fancy to into one of the undead. Before she died, Rose made me swear that I'd keep you away from Valerian at all costs."

"Rose was so afraid for you", her father continued, "She loved you so much, but she was so scared of what you might grow up to be, and how you would suffer because of it. She didn't know what traits of your birth father you would inherit, how much vampire blood there would be in you, if any at all!"

As her adopted parents wrapped up their tale, Jade realized that the Asian woman she'd been dreaming about was Rose. "So, I'm h-h-half-vampire?" she asked in a choked whisper, "I'm some sort of monster and you never told me? Why wasn't I told any of this before? Why am I dreaming about this now? About her? And him ?"

"The reason why your mother and I never told you before was simply because you seemed so, well, so normal! You were like any other baby, and such a beautiful, sweet-natured one at that! We thought maybe you'd been spared, that Valerian's vampire blood had not tainted you in any way and that you'd be able to grow up totally free of his specter."

"However darling, I'm afraid, the fact that you've begun to dream about the past shows that you still share a link to him, one that is finally surfacing, which means he's probably somewhere nearby. We've traveled extensively, thanks to my work, but all these years, I've never let my guard down, never stopped believing that Valerian had ceased his search for you. You sense him, which is why you're dreaming about him."

*Back to the present - February 2005 - L.A*

Jadyn stopped outside her building, somewhat dazed. It wasn't often that she let herself dwell on the past much but seeing that man today just seem to bring everything back. She rolled her eyes, shrugging off her overly pensive thoughts and made her way to her apartment.

"Hi, Mrs. White!" Jade waved to her crotchety neighbor as she walked down the corridor.

The old lady sniffed derisively before saying, "You'd be warned not to wander around L.A. after dark, young lady. I really don't know what the world is coming to. That new girl who just moved in, that black girl Tash something or other, I wouldn't be surprised if she was some sort of criminal! I swear I saw some weapons in one of her packing boxes. Not that I was deliberately poking my nose in, of course! I just happened to glance that way..."

"Of course!", Jade smiled as she let herself into her apartment, rolling her eyes again at her inquisitive neighbor. "So... I've got a new neighbor," she thought. "Should be interesting having another young person around this place. I've been surrounded by old fogies for far too long."

Making a mental note to pay this Tash a visit as soon as she was able to, Jade set about making herself a light dinner, the thought of possibly finding a friend in dark, dreary L.A cheering her up to no end...

Encounter Behind Kain’s

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 12:33 p.m.
Post subject: Encounter Behind Kain’s

"Who are you? And why are you following me?" Tempest growled as a sword appeared in his hands.

Tash leapt back from the tip of the sword that had just appeared as if from nowhere. She was sure he hadn't had it on him.

"Shit!! Where did THAT come from?"

Tash briefly thought about lying about following him, but thought better of it. "Look, let's just say there was something about you that I found...intriguing."

"Where it came from isn't exactly your biggest problem right now. So what about me is so intriguing, and be quick!"

"You know, I don't think the back door of a building full of va...bad guys is the best place to talk about this." Tash watched with her eyes and mind for any sign that this guy recognised she had been about to say "vampires". She needed to know if he really knew about them. *How can he not, he's been to three vampire hangouts in a row!*

"Ok, then were do you suggest we discuss this? I'm kinda busy right now. But I guess you noticed." Tempest glared - he knew what she had been going to say. But as he finished his reply he felt another presence in the alley.

"Come on, follow me" he said as he ran out of the alley. When they made it about two blocks he stopped. "This good enough?." he said as he stared at her.

Tash took a moment to catch her breath. She thought she'd sensed somebody nearby just before the tall man had told her to follow him - coincidence? She didn't believe in coincidence.

"So, you know about the things that go 'bump' in the night." Tash shook her head slightly. "You don't look like the kind who'd be fraternising with them."

She relaxed a little, "So what should I call you, anyway? I'm Tash, I'm pretty new in town."

"Tempest. Myself, I been here a while. And I'm not exactly worried but I'd perfer not to waste my time right now. So what's your business here in L.A?" Tempest said as he again began walking. "I mean, you don't exactly look the Deamon hunting vigilante."

"Looks can be deceiving - you could say I'm a specialist in the fanged variety. That's one of the reasons I'm interested by anyone who seems to have dealings with them, but you're not tainted." Tash looked quizzically at Tempest. "So, what's your angle?"

"I'm looking for something... And if it isn't my problem, well it isn't my problem. But you just don't seem the type, I mean I've seen Slayers, Hunters, even mercenary Vampire killers. But usually there's always been a physical power about them. You're different, I'm sure you can handle yourself, but really what's in it for you?" Tempest almost mumbled as they approached a shabby strip mall.

Tash muttered, "Personal reasons." Her mind shied away from the memory of her parents' bodies. "..and I'm looking for something too, or rather someone. You say you've seen lots of hunters - any been in town recently?" Tash concentrated as she asked this, hoping Tempest would flash on an image of Matthias.

"I haven't been looking, but there's been a few. A slayer got wasted about two weeks ago. Not her fault though - no watcher. Kinda sad in fact." Tempest thought back briefly to the memory of watching her die... "But no one really special. There's been a lot of activity recently but nothing worth my time yet."

*Cute blonde* thought Tash as she picked up the image from Tempest's mind. "Worth your time? What DO you do?"

"I don't exactly have a great memory. Yeah, I know I got bits and stuff but the picture is far from complete. At the present, I'm looking for someone new and powerful in town, don't know who they are or what they look like but I need to find them soon. Anyway, wanna take a seat at that little cafe over there?" Tempest said as he pointed briefly across the street. "I know I'm a little hungry."

Tash paused, feeling wary again. *Oh, shit, I've already thrown caution to the wind in talking to him. What's the harm?*

She flashed a tight smile at Tempest "OK, sure, why not?" She strode into the cafe ahead of Tempest and chose a table away from the few other patrons inside, but still central and well-lit. She sat down and waited for Tempest to get himself settled.

Tash continued, "I really need to know which side you're on. I mean, you've got all this white stuff happening and I still don't know what that's about, but I'm getting the feeling you're OK and I'm used to trusting my instincts. So please, tell me I'm not mistaken."

"White? Not sure what that means, but if you're asking if I'm evil, then no. But I'm not exactlly on a mission to save humanity or anything like that. Humanity's not worth saving. Some say they're innocent but I've been around long enough to know sometimes innocence is just an excuse for the guilty. But you never answered my question. You seem like you're looking for something or someone. What are you all about?" Tempest then slumped in his chair and poked around at his shoulder. *Damn, stll bloody.* he thought to himself, again staring intently at Natasha.

Tash couldn't help shivering as Tempest said he'd been around a long time. She had a sudden sense of vertigo, of gazing into a bottomless abyss of time. She looked at him carefully - he only looked in his twenties. "You should get that looked at, you know." Tash nodded towards Tempest's shoulder. "As for me, I'm looking for two things. Vampires to kill, and an old friend. Speaking of old, you don't look old enough to be that cynical, but I guess as I said before, looks can be deceiving..."

"When you live like I do you realize certain things...Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both. As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal. In the end everything is meaningless." Tempest again poked his shoulder. "Don't suppose you wanna tell me who you're looking for?"

Now Tash understood all the purple she'd seen in his aura. *God, a philosopher!* "You'd remember if you'd seen him - he's about 40, very quick, excellent fighter, and has a feeling of destiny about him, if you're sensitive to such things. I always knew him as Matthias. He taught me everything I know about vampires."

"Ah, don't suppose he carries any sort of crystal? I'm looking for someone who carries something that I need - a crystal in fact. As well, don't suppose you know anything about there being a new slayer? There ought to be one by now. And by the looks of things this city's really gonna need one. You heard about that bus station right, that must have been a vamp, crushing the door shut with his bare hands... And a powerful one at that."

"Bus station? Was that what the smoke was earlier? Sorry, so far as I know, Matthias never carried any sort of crystal. There was a lot I never knew about him, though. How are you going to find this crystal if you don't know who has it? What's it for, anyway?"

"Wish I knew how to locate it, but I guess I'll just have to keep nosing around. I need it to settle a debt but I get a feeling that won't be happening."

Settle a debt....Tash caught the picture of Kain, much as she had with the bartender earlier. "Oh, no, you're not settling debts at one of those places you've been to tonight? If the vamps want it, it can't be good for the rest of us. Surely you're not going to find it for them?" Tash stared at Tempest, willing that what she feared wouldn't be true. *I wish this telepathy thing worked both ways.*

"I dunno, I guess all that matters now is trying to find it. If and when I ever get it I'll go from there, but either way this thing ought to be found."

"Do you know ANYTHING about it?"

Tempest, sipping water, replied "Nothing actually, only that someone powerful is protecting it without knowing it."

"Well, finding powerful people I'm good at - that's how I noticed you." Tash flashed one of her rare grins.

"Well it's getting late, I suppose I really should be getting home. Guess I'll be seeing you around? And look me up if you hear anything or need some help. It's always good to have friends in a new town." Tempest said, smiling.

"Tell you what, I'll help you find this crystal of yours, and then help you figure out what it does before you decide whether or not to hand it over. In return, it'd be nice to have some help finding Matthias. What do you say?"

"Sounds good I suppose, and I don't think that either of the things we're looking for would be easier to find alone. So why not? Well, again, I'm getting tired, so here's my number." Tempest said as he threw a small folded piece of paper on the table. "Well I'm off. Look me up in a few days, we'll figure out where to go from there."

Tash remained seated as she watched Tempest walk out of the cafe. *Definitely have to find out what's up with this crystal. No way the vamps would want it unless it does something mystical.* The waitress plonked a plate onto the table. Tash looked up, startled. "No, that was for... oh, it's OK, I'll take it." She stared at the plate of risotto Tempest had ordered. *Oh, well, I haven't eaten tonight yet...*

Bob’s Bar

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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 3:09 p.m.
Post subject: Bob’s Bar

Kate hurriedly pulled her short bob into a ponytail. Outside the noise was deafening, shouting, jeering, bottles being thrown around. *Vampires,* thought Kate, *always making trouble, some of them were just asking to be staked.* A familiar voice called from the bar:

“Hey, you decent in there?”

“Sure Bob,” replied Kate as she lit a cigarette and put it to her lips. She inhaled the smoke deep into her lungs. Bob entered the room.

“Those things are gonna kill ya, you know?”

“No, working here will do that. I’m telling you, if one more chaos demon grabs my arse I’m gonna curse the seven plagues of Egypt upon him”. Bob smiled weakly and Kate frowned. “What’s up?”

“Thought you should know, some guy was looking for you yesterday.”

“Who?” said Kate warily.

“Some vamp, gave him a fake address.”

“What the???” She angrily stamped out the cigarette out on the floor. “Why didn’t you just say you never heard of me? Damn it, now I’m gonna have some big bad on my trail, thanks a lot!”

“Hey, hold it, look, the guy seemed to know you. I thought if I said I didn’t know you he’d know I was lying. Besides he said he needed help, I figured you’d be grateful for me throwing some business your way.”

“Business?” said Kate questioningly.

“There’s no need to keep up the pretense Kate, I knew you were a witch the moment you walked in here. This guy needed a witch, so I thought of you. I know you do this sort of thing.”

“What sort of thing?” said Kate, growing more impatient.

“You know, selling, I mean, doing spells and things, for money. This vamp chick came in one night, she said she knew you from England or something, and that you used to perform hexes and spells for cash.”

“That was a long time ago and I had no choice, I needed the money,” cried Kate defensively. Suddenly there is a shout from out in the bar. Kate’s head snaps towards the bar.

“Hey!” shouted the voice, “Any chance of getting a drink tonight?? We’re dying of thirst out here!!” There was an uproar of laughter. Kate stood to leave and Bob grabbed her by the arm.

“Look I’m not judging, who am I to judge? I’d sell my own mother for the right price.”

“I’m not like you Bob, you know, when I first came to work her, I heard what they all called you, a creep, that you weren’t to be trusted, but I actually thought that they had you all wrong. I seriously thought we could be friends, that we could look out for each other. If you expect me to believe that this vamp guy didn’t grease your palms for your inconvenience then you must think I’m stupid.”

“Kate,” cried Bob defensively.

“Thanks for nothing.” Kate walked towards the bar. She turned back to Bob. “Just tell me this guy’s name.”

Bob looks up at her in shame, “Stalker, his name is Stalker.”

Kate shook her head in dismay before entering the club, “Figures.”

At home

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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 5:24 p.m.
Post subject: At Home

Kate paced the living room floor nervously. The vampire hadn't found her yet but she knew he would soon. Her long, black silk shift swished around her legs and she pushed her hair from her face. Kate's head was filled with questions, ones that she didn't really want to know the answer to. What could a vampire need from her? The only thing vampires need is blood. Well, he would have a shock in store for him.

She looked in the mirror above the fireplace. She looked paler than usual, her dark hair resting on her bare shoulders. She sighed, it was getting dark, she needed to light the candles for tonight. She gently blew upon the black wick of a candle. Slowly a flame emerges, and suddenly the entire room is alight. She slumps down next to the fire, the warmth was soothing. She closed her eyes and concentrated, breathing slowly and controlled. She had to calm down, the last she needd was to lose control, the last time that happened...

It wasn't worth thinking about. She breathed again - she had a vision of a tall blonde guy lying in a sewer somewhere beneath the city. She turned her head in an attempt to see more buy the vision disappeared. She sat up straight again, the only way to control the surging powers within was to practise, practise control and discipline.

She opened her eyes again and focused on a paperweight on the far table. Slowly the object levitated into the air, then back down to rest on the table. *Boring* she thought, she had been levitating objects since she was three. She focused again, this time on a book on the bookshelf - suddenly the book flew off the shelf and hit the wall. That was sloppy. Slowly Kate made the book slide across the floor to her hands. She picked it up and put it back on the shelf. *When would he come?*

She wasn't in the mood for this anymore. She walked out of the room and as she crossed the threshold all the candle flames blew out as though someone had opened a door. Sighing, Kate climbed the stairs to her bedroom. Maybe not tonight, but soon...


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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 5:35 p.m.
Post subject: Speechless

Ebony grinned. "I think I would enjoy that. Sparky says he needs some more batteries."

"Really?" Jem drawled.

"Don't get sarky!"


There was a groan from the coffin that ebony was sitting on.

"What was that?"

"Oh." Ebony brushed her question aside. "I came here to see you and your little friends weren't pleased. This one called ey some nasty names, didn't you poppet?" Her hand reached back and a moaning vampire was dragged to his feet, his hand cupped to his mouth.

"Shan't be calling me names in a hurry now, will you?" She grabbed his hand from his mouth. There was a crack as some of the bones in his hand broke. Blood dribbled from the vamp's face. "Open wide!" Ebony taunted.

The vampire opened his mouth, to reveal that his tongue was missing. Ebony stared at him for a second and then looked at Jem.

"Come on then, let's go shopping," Jem said and she walked out with Ebony.

The Next Night

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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2002 9:19 p.m.
Post subject: The Next Night

It was the next night back at Bob’s place. It was quiet, as it was only a few hours till sunrise. Kate was working alone; she was behind the bar drying glasses and putting them away. Slow music played in the background. Suddenly there was a noise towards the back of the club. Kate was silent, listening.

“Hello?” she called out warily, “is anybody there?”

There was no reply. Kate came out from behind the bar and walked quickly over to the front doors and pulled the bolt across. Her heart was beating fast. She took a deep breath, brushing the hair from her face, and turned back towards the bar. She gasped out loud; there stood a man in front of her. He was tall and pale, with blonde hair. He was covered in bruises and cuts. Kate stood still in shock. The guy silently observed her.

“So,” said Kate determinedly, “you finally decided to show up.” She walked slowly away from the door. The intruder just followed her with his deep, piercing eyes. “I thought you would never find me.”

Good Samaritan

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2002 1:41 p.m.
Post subject: Good Samaritan

Tash sat back with a sigh. The risotto had been good, and she'd been hungrier than she thought. *All that running around after a mad man.* She paid for the meal, and decided it was way too close to dawn to do anything but go home.

A short while later she shut the apartment door behind her and leaned against it for a moment. All within seemed normal. She locked her door, then checked all her windows. Each one remained locked and undisturbed. *Maybe I need paranoids anonymous.* Smiling at her own joke, Tash prepared for a good day's sleep.

* * * * *

Tash awoke with a start, the last shreds of her nightmare fading slowly. Her skin felt clammy and cold, and her sheets were soaked. *You'd think after thirteen years I'd stop having this damn dream!* With hands shaking from the adrenaline residue, Tash poured herself a glass of water from the jug she always kept by her bed. A few gulps helped her feel better, as they did every time. She glanced at her clock - it was late afternoon. *Time to get up, I guess.*

After a hot shower and a quick breakfast, Tash felt ready to hit the streets again. She figured she'd go for a ride, get to know the streets, and maybe check out Bob's Bar again since she hadn't been there very long last night before she'd left. Who knows, maybe she'd find someone else fascinating there, and maybe she could start nosing about for Tempest's unknown crystal. *I'm sure it won't be as unusual as last night, though.*

Dressed once more in jeans, runners and a long-sleeved top, Tash checked her H&K before strapping on the shoulder holster. This time, she knew there'd be vampires where she was going. The pistol wouldn't kill a vamp, but the heavy-duty ammo would certainly slow one down enough to give her a chance to get it with something more lethal, and had the added advantage that she didn't have to be up close and personal to use it. With the jacket on, Tash surveyed herself in the mirror. The bulge of the gun was completely hidden. *Good, don't want to worry the good citizens of LA now, do we?* Ensuring she was carrying an ample supply of spare crosses, holy water and stakes, Tash decided she was ready to go party.

The sun was just going down as she left her apartment. One of her older neighbours was just coming home as Tash, wheeling her motorbike, walked down the corridor - she thought the woman's name was Wright or White, or something like that.

"Hello" said Tash as she approached the woman. The old lady turned, and as she spotted Tash her aura flared with a spike of dull yellow shot with brown. The woman nodded cordially at Tash then entered her apartment. *Gee, what have I done to earn her distrust? Of course, I'm a black woman in a poor part of town - what else do you need?*

Out on the footpath, Tash watched the last rays of sunlight disappear behind the buildings. People hurried about their business, each in an island of their own making. Tash sensed very little by way of hope or joy - all she could feel was fear and loneliness. Breathing once, deeply, she shut out the tide of feeling and vaulted onto the bike. She rode for hours, getting the feel of the streets, alleyways and cul-de-sacs, memorising the short cuts and the dead ends.

Finally, she approached Bob's Bar and pulled up some little distance away. Looking around for a place to put her bike, she noticed an alley that seemed to lead to the back of a carpark for an all-night store. *Should be OK in there, I suppose.*

Walking her bike into the alley, Tash noticed a pale, flickering light off to one side. Going closer, she saw it was the aura of someone lying in a heap. Thinking it might be someone sleeping off a drunk, she nudged the form with her foot, saying "Hey, wake up! It's not real safe to sleep here." Getting no response, Tash knelt beside the figure. *It's just a kid, can't be more than 17 or 18, what's he doing out here?*

He looked very pale, and now she was closer she could see his aura indicated severe general illness or trauma. There seemed to be a particular injury to his head, as well. Peeling back his collar, Tash noticed the tell-tale twin rivulets of dried blood on his neck. She felt his pulse - it was weak, but steady. "Well, you'll be all right, given some rest, but you can't do it here, and I can't take you to a hospital with vampire bites...." *Crap, I'm gonna have to take him home.*

Sighing in resignation, but unable to leave him to die or be eaten by more vampires, Tash struggled to get his limp form onto her bike. He stirred a little at one stage and a groan escaped him, but then he lapsed back into his stupor. When she had him resting as comfortably as she could manage, she began walking home, wheeling her bike and its burden beside her. *Lucky I checked out all the back ways just now...be hard to explain an unconscious person if I was seen on the main streets.*

Tash managed to arrive back at her apartment without incident. *Thank God it's late, everyone should be asleep.* She wrestled the bike through the front door of the building and wheeled it as quietly as she could to her door. Once inside, she heaved a sigh of relief. "Now, let's get you more comfortable." Tash manoeuvred the bike next to her bed and deposited the youth as gently as she could. "Damn, you got blood all over my nice upholstery!" She gave the unconscious form a searching look, "I hope I'm not going to regret this."

She laid a cover over him and patted his face with a damp cloth before cleaning the worst of the dried blood. "You know, I never pictured myself as Florence Nightingale. I really hope I won't regret this." Tash settled down in the chair without the wonky leg to wait for him to recover....

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Black Jem
Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2002 3:18 p.m.

Jem and Ebony started walking out of the cemetery and along the dark alleyways and streets of LA until they came to a general store. Ebony stopped whilst Jem carried on walking, pistol in hand and sword in its sheath under her coat, not realising Eb had stopped.

"Batteries for Sparky." Ebony called after Jem and she turned around reluctantly.

Jem walked up to the door of the store and punched it, not even flinching when the splinters of glass pierced her skin. She reached her arm through the door to open it and she did. Ebony and Jem walked in, Ebony was clasping her cow prod and searching round the store.

Jem went out the back to see if there was anything worth taking but no, only things worth breaking just for fun. Jem fired her pistol many times destroying anything that looked remotely annoying, anything except for dead humans were annoying her at the moment.

"Can we go now, hit the clothes shops?" Jem said sounding very fed up.

"Yeah, I've got them."

"Let's go then."

They walked out of the store but only to find a cop car outside, someone had heard the gun being fired.

*Shit! That's just what I need* Jem thought, although beating the crap out of cops did cheer her up most of the time. Ebony was just behind Jem, she wondered why Jem had stopped so she looked over her shoulder. When she saw who was there she smiled gleefully.

Some cops were standing behind the car and the others were surrounding the store, all of them holding guns pointing at Jem and Eb. Jem walked up to one of the cops, who shouted, "Stay back, or I'll shoot." She continued walking towards the cop who said, "I warned you."

"And I warn you." Jem said. The cop shot Jem in her right arm.

Jem flinched a little as the bullet went in. "Ouch that hurt. Why did you do that?" she asked cynically. The cop shot her again - this time she didn't even move.

"See, I expected that." Jem told the cop

"What the fu... what happened? That's usually meant to hurt?" One of the cops whispered to another.

With this, Ebony wondered over to the nearest cop who was too confused to shoot her, she extended her arm and used Sparky to knock him out. "See Jem, Sparky's good as new."

"I'm so happy for you," Jem replied sarcastically, "Eb, suit up." She looked down at the ground, then back up again, revealing her vampiric face. Ebony did the same.

"Shit! Who are they?" One of the cops asked.

"I'm Black Jem but you can call me Jem, this is Ebony and you're dead." She took another step, leaned over the car and snapped the guy's neck, killing him instantly. "You know Eb, I feel much better."

Ebony started to join Jem with the fight, using Sparky to her best and cruellest ability. Jem got out her sword and started to behead as many of the cops as possible, of course she shot them first for maximum pain. A cop approached Ebony from behind without her noticing.

"Eb! Behind you!" Jem shouted after her friend. Ebony turned and slit the cop's neck with one of her long finger nails. Jem turned around to face another cop, she snapped his neck and drank deep. Another cop shot her in the chest whilst she was doing this, she dropped the body and spun around and shot the cop back. They were all down, they had won.

"Well that was fun." Jem said with a smile on her face.

"Sparky is pleased."

"Yeah, whatever, now we can go clothes shopping?"

Ebony smiled and they turned to walk down the street leaving a pile of dead cops scattered around them.


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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 12:44 am
Post subject: Reunited

As soon as Stalker got to the address he knew it - Bob had lied to him. *Bob never lies unless... He's protecting someone. I'll go back tomorrow, for now a bit of rest,* Stalker thought as he headed back to his lair.

Stalker woke up later than usual. He had slept the whole day and most of the night time and it was nearing dawn. He was feeling a lot better because he had healed a lot. "May as well go back to Bob's and give him a bit of a rough up." Stalker said as he left his lair for the surface.

Stalker entered Bob's. The place was empty and quiet except for the sound of someone cleaning up out the back. Stalker stumbled with his injured ankle and banged into a chair. *Shit.*

"Hello? Is anybody there?" a familiar female voice called out.

Stalker moved over to the corner.

A woman came out from behind the bar. She walked quickly over to the front doors and pulled the bolt across. Her heart was beating fast - Stalker can hear it. All that lovely sweet blood coursing through her veins. She turned back towards the bar. She gasped out loud as she saw Stalker.

Stalker observed her sliently.

"So," she said "you finally decided to show up." She walked slowly away from the door. "I thought you would never find me."

"Yeah, well, Bob isn't a very good liar, is he Catherine?"

"I'm suprised he bothered to lie at all."

"I came after you because I need your help."

"You need my help" said Kate cynically. She slowly backed away from Stalker until her back met the edge of a table. Her hands scanned over the table's surface looking for something to defend herself with.

"Don't worry, I ain't gonna hurt ya. Just need you to work some of your mojo stuff."

"Yeah, you look pretty beat up. What happened?"

"I dunno. It seems I've gone all clumsy. I need your help to see if it's a spell and heal me up."

"You want me to heal you? What, so you can go and bite your next unsuspecting victim?"

"Hey, I only bite bad people" Stalker said defensively. "Plus there's other stuff."

Kate took a tenative step closer to him. "What other stuff? What's going on?"

"Seems someones been messing with my head. Can't remember a lot. People, places, faces, all seem to blend in."

"You remembered me though?"

"How could I forget you? You're one of the only people I remember. You and Bob. I only realised the other day when I saw someone I thought I might know, and that's when I realised I don't remember a lot of other stuff. It seems like it's missing but I'm not sure what."

Kate took another wary step closer. Suddenly she saw Stalker's face. He was badly cut and bruised. Her hand flies over her mouth to stifle her horror at his beaten apperance. "Oh my God, I never thought ...sit down."

Stalker limped to a seat and sat down. "That's what I mean. I've never been this clumsy, not even when I was human."

Kate sat at his side. She observed Stalker for a while, realising just how long she had known him. Against her own will she felt a pang of guilt and sympathy for this creature. This creature who had saved her life not so long ago. *This is insane, why am I doing this?* she thought.

Cautiously she raised her hand, straightening out the palm. Slowly she moved her outstreched hand toward Stalkers forehead. With a determined force she struck the base of her palm into the centre of his forehead. Stalker howled out in pain as a bright glowing light emanated from her hand, traveling from her body to his. Kate concentrated and the glow intensified. Suddenly the light vanished, soaked up into Stalker's body. Kate slumped back into her chair, exhausted.

Stalker shook his head trying to clear the buzzing in his ears. Once the buzzing stopped Stalker stood up and moved towards Kate's chair. "Are you all right?" he said with an outstreched hand.

Kate sighed, taking Stalker's hand "I'm fine, it's just been a long time since I've done that." As Kate took his hand she held her head in agony, screwing her eyes up. Her grip on Stalker's hand tightened. Stalker felt sorry for Kate's pain but couldn't help feeling overjoyed that he was feeling so much better. "Can I get you something?" Stalker said, suddenly feeling guilty.

Kate dropped to the floor, still holding Stalker's hand tightly. She held her head in pain. Stalker was scared, it looked like she's going to die and he doesn't know what to do.

Kate gradually released her grip on Stalker's hand. She was pale and trembling badly. "I saw them" she stammered quietly. "They're coming."

"Who? Who did you see? Who's coming?"

Kate climbed to her feet and rested against the bar. She tried to clear her head. Stalker dashed behind the bar and poured her a drink of brandy. He passed it to her and she knocked it back.

"Who did you see?" stammered Stalker.

Kate was silent for a while, "Witch Hunters" she whispered. "The same people who tried to kill me back in England. They're here, in L.A. I'm guessing they're the ones who put this spell you guessed was upon you, it would explain why I saw them when I touched you."

"Damn it, Kate. We've both been running for long enough, this time those bastards are gonna get it."

Kate was silent in thought. Suddenly there was a bang at the back door and Bob walked in. "What the hell??" Bob said as he ran over to the bar. "What have you done to her, Stalker?"

"Nothing!!" said Stalker defensively, backing away from Kate.

"It's all right, he's telling the truth. I'm fine anyway. Look, Stalker, you should leave, the sun's gonna be rising soon."

"Only if you're sure you're all right." said Stalker.

"I'm fine, and you'll be dust if you stay here any longer." She looked imploringly, "Please, go."

"Okay" Stalker said as he disappeared out the back door.

Bob looked suspiciously at Kate, "What was going on here? You healed him didn't you? I hope you charged him!"

Kate looked angrily at Bob, "For gods sake! I might work at your crummy bar but you don't OWN me!" she cried and pushed past him.

"What did 'I' do?"

"Some things just aren't about money, Bob," she paused a moment, looking down. "Stalker and I, we, we have affairs of our own to deal with." She looked around solemnly. Bob looked confused. "Look, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"


With that Kate walked out of the bar and into the already sunlit street.

LAX - A New Arrival

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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 2:30 am
Post subject: LAX - A New Arrival

Victor strolled out into the sun that morning. Dressed in an expensive suit and looking for all the world like just another business traveller, he stood there waiting for a cab. But his calm exterior hid many things. More than his fellow travellers could possibly guess.

*Welcome to L.A. * he thought, *Things change in 150 years, but it always seems to feel the same. The buildings and the vehicles change, but that feeling of desperation that hangs around this town. Now that'll never change.*

"Choo needa cab meester?"

Victor stopped staring into space to focus, "Yes I need a cab. Take me to the Beazor Arena or whatever it's being called these days. I have to check in with the owner."

The cabby turned white as a ghost. He started to back up and looked like he might run when Victor focussed his gaze on him. "Its okay, Juan. You will live a long time to take care of Maria. This isn't your time."

Juan looked like he might faint. He crossed himself and nodded silently. By the time he had pulled the cab forward, he had stopped shaking. As he silently loaded the trunk of the cab, he tugged on the vinyl sack. It was too heavy for him to lift. He managed to slide it a few inches.

Victor stepped to the rear of the cab. "I'll get this one," he said lifting it by the heavy duty handles and lowering it into the trunk. The cab sagged on its springs.

Victor shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Stepping into the cab, he settled back and let his gaze wander over the city again. But his thoughts were miles away...

* That was subtle. The Stone should have been shipped separately. It cost so much more to bring it with me. But it is a comfort to me. I'd feel lost without it.*

*But you ARE lost, aren't you? That's why you have the Quest, isn't it?*

*Damn that nagging soul! I'd be done with the thing, but it's apparently easier to get one than to lose it. I could reach into Juan and tug his soul right out of his body, and it would snap right back in. Only death seems to let them go. And to where? Damn soul.*

*As soon as this business with Kain is done, I'll move into some place temporary and start all over. At least the advent of Laptop computers and the internet has made travel a lot easier. Now if I could just get myself to trust FedEx with the Stone my life would be a lot easier...*

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 4:57 am

The cab trundled sown the street passing row after row of buildings. Some new, some old. Some familiar... "Stop the cab, Juan!" barked Victor. *It can't be! The same building?*

And yet there it was. 1318. Just like he remembered it. The same stone archway over the door. The same stained glass on the vestibule. It even looked like it had the same welcome mat on the stoop as had been there back in 1852. "Juan, Park the cab. I'll be back in a few minutes. Here's $50. Keep the meter running. I won't be long."

Victor walked up to the building with the awe one usually sees in the eyes of those visiting great cathedrals or marvels of archetecture. The old brownstone building looked a little out of place, to be sure, but it wasn't an incredible sight. But it was to Victor.

An old woman exited the door, and pulled her little cart down the stone steps. She almost bumped into Victor as he stood there staring, "Excuse me young man!"

Victor focused on her and heard the intake of breath as his hard gaze bored into her. *Her aura is pink,* he thought idly, *Like roses.*

He smiled and softened his face. His smile drew one from her. He could see the warming of her aura as she responded. "Excuse me, Ma'am. Is this building still a tenement building?"

"Why yes, it is. And we have vacancies too!" she replied.

"Whom would I contact about moving in here. See, I used to live here a long time ago. I'll be in the city a while and would like to rent a room while I am here. It would be...familiar."

Ms White (as he learned her name was ) was most forthcoming. She was the landlady, and would be happy to rent to such a "nice young man". Especially when he paid her in cash for the deposit and first month's rent. She hurried inside to get a receipt and Victor walked up the steps and gently laid his hand on the lintels of the arch.

*So warm,* he thought. *So inviting. So safe.*

Mrs White came out and handed Victor the receipt and two keys. "I have you in 202 on the second floor," she said, "I hope that's okay?"

"202 is fine, Mrs.White. In Numerology, the number 2 represents a dual nature. It's ironic, and fitting. This house is full of numbers, you know. 1318 in chinese means 'Plenty of Money for Rice' It is a sign of prosperity. The year it was built was 1813...which make is doubly prosperous. I see this being a good place to live."

Mrs White seemed to narrow her eyes. It was obvious that she thought Victor was more than a lttle strange. But his money was good. And she'd be sure to ask the girls what he might be up to in his apartment. Victor shook Mrs White hand warmly and told her he had an errand to run. He'd be back to move in some things.

She stood next to her little cart that she took to the grocer and wached him get into his cab. *Wait'll I tell Molly next door about him,* she thought.
Victor was lost in thought when a black mist swam into his vision. *It's gotten worse since the last time I was here,* he thought as the Beazor came into view. Juan was driving as if he would rather be anywhere but here.

Victor tapped him on the shoulder, "Right here is fine. If you want to drive away and come back in 10 minutes, I'll wait." He laid another $20 on the front seat. "Just pop the trunk for a second, would you?"

The trunk thunked upen and Victor rased it up. He unzippered the Vinyl bag, and looked at the Stone. His finger traced the carvings on the surface. *So far from home,* he thought, *just like me.*

Zippering the bag, he pulled out the briefcase he had came all this way to deliver. Checking the locks, he pulled out the key and opened the case. The crystal nestled in the foam glowed to Victor's eyes. A golden glow. It tingled at his touch. And it seemed to whisper to him with dreams of power. *I hate to give this thing to that crook,* he thought, *but a deal's a deal. But he Damn well better pay me first! *

Victor clicked the briefcase closed and scrambled the locks.

Strangers... Neighbours... Friends...

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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 3:20 p.m.
Post subject: Strangers... Neighbours... Friends...

Jade watched the sun rise from her tiny kitchen window as she put the finishing touches on the chocolate brownie she had prepared as a sort of a "hello" gift. "Do people even do this sort of stuff anymore? Bake a cake for a new neighbor? In L.A, of all places?" she mutters as she wraps the warm brownie in a clean cloth, makes her way to Tash's apartment, *Ah well, hopefully she's like the rest of us girls who can't resist chocolate! Here goes nothing!* and presses the doorbell.

Tash awoke with a start. *Damn, must've fallen asleep.* Her neck was stiff from sitting slumped in the chair. Rubbing the back of her neck, she checked on the boy - he still seemed pretty out of it, but looking a bit stronger. The doorbell rang a second time, waking her up properly.

"Hello, who's there?" Tash called out.

"Errrm, hi! This is Jade, your neighbor from across the hall?" Jade shifted slightly. "I'm sorry to call so early but your light was on, so I thought you were awake..."

*What timing* Tash thought as she glanced back at the bedroom. "Yeah, great, hang on a sec." Tash closed the bedroom door, hoping the boy would sleep a bit longer. Quickly checking herself in the mirror, Tash grimaced. She looked like she'd been sleeping in her clothes - funny that. Smoothing her clothes out as best she could, she unlocked the door and opened it with her best smile in place.

*Woah!* was all Jade could think as she gazed up at the leggy black girl in front of her. Barefoot, Tash still hovered a good half head above her. Jade swallowed the lump of apprehension in her throat and smiled tentatively. "I heard from Mrs White that you just moved in. Thought I'd drop by and say hi... errrm, you know... Sorta welcome you to the neighborhood."

Tash's smile faltered a touch when she saw the young woman on her doorstep. The aura was very unusual - there were no black streaks, but small black speckles throughout. *Just what I need, another weirdo...* "Hi, Jade - I'm Tash. Please, come in." Tash ushered the young Asian woman into her flat. "I'm afraid it's a bit spartan in here, I haven't had time to get much furniture yet."

"Thanks, I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time." Jade walked into Tash's apartment, mentally berating herself. *Great job, Jade ol' girl. Welcome you to the neighborhood indeed... Pffft! Like this is Beverly Hills.*

Momentarily at a loss as to what to say next, Jade covered the awkward silence by looking around the small flat. The layout of it was very much like her own but where she had decorated her quarters with rich colors and comfortable furniture, Tash had limited herself to the plain and simple. Jade looked up to see Tash staring at her intently. A sudden thought flashed into her head. "She's hurting too." Before she could question where that came from, she was distracted by a groan from the next room.

"Oh. You've got company. Or you stay with a boyfriend. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude. Mrs. White didn't mention anything about a guy with you. I should have waited till later to call. I'm sorry..." Jade sputtered.

"It's all right, I've got a friend in there who's feeling a little poorly. Big night last night. Please stay - they're just sleeping it off." Tash mentally cursed the boy for his timing. She was intrigued by Jade and wanted time to get to know her. *My stupid curiosity. I've gotta stop chasing around after people with funny auras!*

"Excuse me just a second, I'll check that they're OK." Tash quickly slipped through the bedroom door, careful not to open it any wider than necessary. The boy had shifted slightly, but wasn't quite coming around just yet. His pulse was definitely feeling stronger.

While Tash was in the other room, Jade searched her mind for something to talk about. It'd been such a long time since she'd sought out another's friendship, she'd forgotten how things were done.

Tash slipped back into the living room. "Sorry about that - so, would you like something to drink?"

"Sure, water will do just fine." Jade smiled. "So Tash, what is it you do? Work wise I mean."

Tash poured two glasses of water from the jug in her fridge. "Is that chocolate I smell? Mmmm, brownies. You know, I sometimes think all the world's ills might be cured by chocolate." Tash produced a couple of plates and a knife. She settled herself carefully in the wonky chair and savoured a rich mouthful of warm brownie.

"Work? I'm sort of freelance. What do you do?"

"I own a small trinket shop downtown. Aromatherapy and knick knacks, a bit of antiques, that sorta stuff." Jade ignored the deliberately vague answer Tash had given her, determined not to pry into anything just yet. "Maybe you've seen it, it's called XY, over on Smith Street, near Bob's?"

"Yeah, I did notice it just last night. I was doing a little exploring of the neighbourhood. I've only just moved into town." Tash wondered if Jade knew what sort of clientele Bob had in his bar. She hadn't picked up any thoughts when Jade mentioned the place. *Still, I'm worried about those black specks.* Tash probed, "Bob's Bar seems a bit rough from what I've seen."

"Yeah, it's a rough neighborhood. But the rent's cheap." Jade smiled to cover up the apprehension she felt every time Bob's was mentioned. It was no secret, after all, that the clients Bob serviced were mainly of the non-human variety.

Tash nodded, as if in response to Jade's comment. There was no mistaking both the flare of anxious red and the thoughts of monstrous faces as Jade thought of Bob's. Jade's fear was something of a relief to Tash. *At least she's not suckered in by them.* Tash gazed carefully at Jade's face. "I hope your shop doesn't stay open until after dark."

"Are you kidding! No way!" Jade sighed, suddenly tired of the roundabout their conversation was taking. "Look Tash, I'll play it straight with you. I'm sure you're as aware as I am that when I say L.A's a rough place, I don't just mean your everyday run-of-the-mill petty criminals. Don't ask me why I think you'd understand, something just tells me you do.

Tash smiled, a genuine, warm smile. "Maybe it's all the crosses on my walls?"

Jade bursts out laughing. "So... I really need a friend in this godforsaken place and somehow, I get the feeling that you do too. We might've just met, and I might know absolutely nothing about you, but I think I'd like to find out. What do you think?"

Tash regarded the slight figure before her. She was finding she really liked this woman - it had been a long time since she'd felt any genuine affection for anyone. Not since Matthias had abandoned her... Tash took a deep breath, "You know, I think a friend is something I could really use right now." Tash paused a moment, then continued. *I've got to know...* "There's just one thing..."

Jade looked at Tash warily. "Yes?"

Tash paused again. "It's awkward, but I have to know - have you had any... dealings... with the more pointy-toothed people in this area? I'm sorry, but there's just something..."

The wary look vanished from Jade's eyes and she nodded in response to Tash's question. "Vampires? Let's just say that our paths have crossed, but I have nothing to do with them or their bloodsucking activities."

Tash sensed the truth of Jade's words, but that there was something unspoken underneath. *No matter, she's obviously not a fan, and that's good enough for me.* Tash decided to go for broke. "Well, I guess you could say I do have dealings. You wanted to know what my work was? I find out where they lair, and I dust them."

"You're the slayer?" Jade asked, blinking at Tash's graphic description.

"Hell, no!" Tash shook her head. "A guy I met night before last told me she died a couple of weeks ago. I guess there should be another one somewhere - could be anywhere in the world, though. No, I kill vampires because..." Tash's voice caught slightly. "... because they're nothing but pure black evil."

Jade suppressed a shudder. Pure black evil. That was half of what'd spawned her. Pure black evil. Getting up, she said, "I'd better go. I need to get down to the shop a bit earlier today, a new shipment's coming in. My contact said something about rare crystalline sculptures. I just hope they're all he promised."

Tash glanced at Jade sharply. "What sort of crystals?" *What the hell was that flash I got? Something really dark popped into her mind for a moment.* Tash started to worry all over again.

"I really have no idea. I have friends who help me source for interesting artifacts to sell at XY. They just let me know whenever they come across something special. You like crystals? Maybe you could pop by a bit later, after I get everything sorted out, and take a look?"

"I'd love to come down and check it out. I might be able to pop in this afternoon." Tash stood and walked with Jade to the door. "Which apartment are you in, by the way?"

"208, just across the hall." Jade stopped at the doorway and smiled. "I'm glad we've met Tash. L.A's been kinda lonely up till now. Guess I'll seeya later in the afternoon, huh?"

"Yeah, I should be able to pop in. I'd really love to see what's in your shop." Tash grinned, "Thanks for stopping by, it'll be really nice to have a friend here." Tash waved at Jade as she entered her apartment. She closed her door and locked it, feeling both joy and trepidation. Joy at having found someone she really felt she'd connected with, and trepidation because there was something hidden beneath the surface. Those damn black specks - what did they mean?

Jade hummed to herself as she got ready for work. She got the impression that there was parts to Tash she hadn't even begun to penetrate but everybody was entitled to their secrets. (Hell, she was one to talk!) The most important thing was that, in this grim, dark city, she'd found someone she could call a friend...

Jade’s Diary...

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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 5:47 p.m.
Post subject: Jade’s Diary...

"You just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I'll come running, to see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you've gotta do is call and I'll be there, you've got a friend ..." Jade sang along to the Brand New Heavies as she finished up her paperwork. It'd been a quiet morning at XY. Not that she was complaining. The lack of customers had given her the time to re-arrange her merchandise and display her shipment of crytalline sculptures to their best advantage.

It was just past 11am. Feeling restless now that all that was done and she'd little else to do, Jade took out a thick, black, leatherbound notebook with a sketch of a rosebud on it's cover, and began to browse through its contents. The diary had belonged to her birth mother, Rose, and was as familiar to Jade as the back of her own hand. She'd read each page over and over, memorised each sentence, imprinting each word on her brain, as if by doing so, she'd learn something more about the woman who'd born her. She picked up a pen and added her own thoughts into the journal.

*From the diary of Jadyn Lee - Monday, 11th February 2005 - XY, Smith Street, L.A*

I've finally made a friend in L.A... Tash stays across the hall from me and we kinda bonded earlier this morning over brownies and bloodsuckers. Strange combination but then again, nothing's exactly been normal for me since I found out I was half-vampire.

I wonder how much of my vampire blood Tash senses. She knows something's not kosher with me, I'm sure of that. And she's been associating with vamps (or "dusting" them, as she so quaintly puts it) long enough to tell that I've got an affinity with them in some way. Can I trust her? Do I tell her about Valerian?

It's been four years since Mom and Dad told me about Rose and Valerian. (Strange how I can't seem to refer to my birth parents by anything besides their given names.) Anyway... All this time, I've been trying to live my life as if I didn't possess any traits of what other people call the "undead".

I guess I should be thankful I didn't inherit any of the more - undesirable characteristics, shall we say - from my vampire father. I don't have a thirst for blood, I don't fear sunlight, I don't have those god-awful pointy teeth. Whether or not I turn into the dust at the point of a stake has yet to be determined.

In many ways, I guess I'm pretty lucky, for I've seemed to have gotten the best of both worlds. I'm human, mostly, but I have the vampiric ability to heal quickly and the ageing process seems to hold nothing on me, for since my link to Valerian was established back when I was 20, I don't think I've aged a day. At least, not visibly... Let's not forget that I'm also incredibly strong for a girl who weighs less than 100 pounds, which serves to assume that I've also inherited a vamp's hulk-like strength. *grins*

Still, the fact that I'm not your typical bloodthirsty big bad doesn't erase the fact that I'm not 100% human. And from what I see, Tash seems to have a deeply-rooted aversion to vampires. How much should I tell her? It's been so long since I've been able to trust anyone. I don't know if I can start now...

Jade sighed as she closed the notebook and put it away. Deciding that she'd take a walk and see what the nearby cafes had to offer for lunch, she collected her purse and keys from beneath the cash register and made her way out of the shop...


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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 6:23 p.m.
Post subject: Daylight

Kate leaned out of the open cab window as the vehicle rolled past the sunlit streets of L.A. Her mind wasn't made up about Stalker. True, he was a killer, despite his somewhat strange moral code, yet he always seemed to be there when she needed him, but could be really be trusted? She also thought of his strange problem, losing his memories of his past. *Strange* she thought. So many people she had met recently seemed to be suffering from similar symptoms, *could they be linked in any way?*

That wasn't the only thought running through her mind. She still felt unnerved from her premonition she wasn't sure what it meant. When she closed her eyes she could still see the images flying in front of her. She could see two people sitting at a table. The first had his back to her but the second was quite clear. He was tall, dressed in an expensive looking suit. He carried a briefcase which he placed on the table. Slowly he begins to open the lid, a bright light creeps from the edges of the case...

Suddenly the vision ends, just like before. Kate shakes her head clear, suddenly the cab turns down an unfamiliar street. Kate looks confused. *How long had she had her eyes closed?*

"Hey!" she calls out to the driver, "what's going on? This isn't the way!"

"Can't help it" explained the driver "there was a diversion a couple of blocks ago, had to go this way."

Kate frowned, still looking out the window, *I wonder how much this is gonna cost me now?* she thought.

"STOP!" she suddenly cries out. The cab screeches to a halt and Kate leaps out of the cab, running over to a building across the street. She stands in front of the old brownstone building. She walks closer, something seems to be calling out to her, beckoning her inside. She walks closer, skimming her hand across the smooth stone work.

As she touches the building she has another premonition, it is the same as the last, she is in the same room, the same two men are sitting at the table. The tall one opens the case, this time he opens it fully to reveal a beautiful yellow crystal nestled inside. Kate stumbles closer, attracted to the glow, it is amazing, the light illuminates the darkened room, shimmering and glowing with a powerful radiant energy of its own.

The tall man suddenly looks up at Kate, instead of a face there is a swirling mass of tiny lights, spinning in a black void, crying out for help, upon his body is a carved mass of runic symbols. He reaches his hand out towards Kate...

Kate harshly removes her hand from the building and the vision ends abruptly. She looks up at the building, the stone archway above the door, the stained glass in the vestibule, she is inches away from the door when the cab driver begins shouting at her: "Hey! Are you getting back in or what?"

Kate turns back to the cab, the attraction of the building seems to have vanished. Taking one last look towards the door she runs back across the road and back in the cab. She realised the people in the vision had not been witch hunters, nor anything to do with her past, it had been a premonition of the future, her destiny. There was someting else too, the crystal on the table seemed familiar, she was certain she had seen it before. As the cab pulled away she realised one thing for certain, it was no accident that she had been brought this way, something was inside that building, something powerful and she knew, in her gut, that this was only the beginning...

What Is The Crystal?

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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 10:54 p.m.
Post subject: What Is The Crystal?

When Kate got home she was still thinking of the strange vision she had had outside the building on Poplar Avenue. So many questions - who were the strange people in her premonition? What were they doing with that crystal, and what of the crystal? It had seemed so familiar, she knew she had seen it before, but where, and when?

Kate ran a hot bath, they always helped her thinking. She slipped into the hot water and sank beneath the bubbles. Resurfacing, her skin glistened beneath the water. She stared at the light as it reflected on the water. Slowly she began to feel herself slip away, into a trace like state. The room began to melt away. The darkened room, lit with candles, was melting like an ice cream in the sun, and her mind began to float like a boat on the ocean.

She began to slip back, into the past, the place she had tired so hard to forget...

Kate is back in England, she stands in a circle of 12 other women, they are all dressed in long, floaty black dresses. Kate's hair is longer, down past her shoulders. She looks about five years younger than she is at present. The women are all members of Kate's old coven, they stand around the points of a pentacle which is sketched on the ground in white chalk. There are a multitude of candles illuminating the dark room, and in the centre of the pentacle is a small altar, upon which rests the crystal from Kate's vision.

The coven members begin to chant in Latin. As they do, a portal of white light shoots forth from the crystal up to the sky. The chanting grows louder and the crystal glows blood red, and a swirling cloud of red smoke travels up the path of the portal. Several watchers stand at the peimeter of the sacred circle. They talk in hushed tones, Kate can hear their voices.

"It is the portal, they are opening the Nether Arch" whispers one of the younger watchers.

"No, they are sending it away, they need to bury the crystal, hide it from the forces of evil, so that the Arch will never be opened." corrected an older watcher.

Kate's attention returns, she commences her chanting, the witches hold hands as they reach the end of their ritual, raising their hands to the heavens they cry "Take the Shard! Take the Weapon of Destruction!"

There is a crackling sound like electricity, and the crystal begins to travel up the portal, it reaches halfway before vanishing, sucking up the light into oblivion.

Kate snaps out of her trance, she sits bolt upright in the bath, most of the candles have burnt out and the room is in semi-darkness. This was much worse than she thought, she realised now what the crystal was, one in nine of the crystals. The Shard of Ghenna. When brought together, the nine would open the Nether Arch. The one thing her people had worked so hard to ensure never happened.

Kate climbed out of the bath, pulling her robe on. She climbed the stairs to the attic where she kept all her most powerful magic books. Yet she knew in her heart her search would be futile. It took all thirteen of her coven to remove the stone last time, surely, even with all her powers she wouldn't have the power to do this alone.

But who could she turn to? Who would help her?

The View from the Roof

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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2002 11:22 p.m.
Post subject: The View from the Roof

The Wisewoman climbed the dark, narrow stairway that led to the roof of the building, one floor up from her own apartment on the third floor. The door stuck a little, as usual, until she placed her right palm flat against it and pushed with her mind. Then it flew open, revealing the large, open space where row upon row of flat wooden trays held the lush, multi-hued green and grey foliage of her herb garden. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply...* dry ...*.

Almost without thought she gestured at the rusty tap on the wall by the door, which began to turn with a groaning creak. Immediately a light, sparkling mist rose up from each of the beds, drenching the plants in welcome moisture. * Better .*

Her garden was not the reason she'd come to the roof, however. So much of importance had been going on in the building beneath her in the last few days, she'd felt the need to come up into the open air, to get some perspective. She walked slowly to the exact centre of the rooftop and began to turn in a circle, scanning the horizon in every direction. Most of the areas her gaze passed over were grey, which was as it should be. Here and there, though, there were small sparks of colour--glittering reds, blues, yellows--and the occasional flash of stark white or pocket of inky black. One of the black spots, off to the East and slightly South, she recognized: Bob's Bar. It didn't seem as deep and dark as it normally did, though, almost as if it was turning a soft, dusty black...* hmmmm, that will bear some looking into...*

From Kain

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 1:16 am
From Kain

Kain walked out the back of the Beazor complex and quickly entered the black limousine that awaited him. As he sat down another smaller man entered the car. Kain spoke softly “I have a job for you. One of my associates seems to believe that he doesn't need to pay his dues. I want him eliminated.” Kain then withdrew a piece of paper from his briefcase and handed it to the man. “That's where you can find him. If he’s not there just wait around, he’ll show up eventually. The owner knows what’s going down so you don't have to worry about that.”

“Is that all sir?”

“If you do this for me it’ll be your foot in the door and there might be more jobs for you. But know if you fail me your blood will replace his.”

“I won’t fail sir; I never fail.”

“Driver, stop the car.” Kain shouted. He then turned to the man who sat across from him. “We're here, and remember don't make a big scene.” As Kain finished his sentence the man stepped out on the street and walked away from the car. “Driver, take me to the ‘Bank’.”

*2 hours later at the Beazor Complex*

Kain entered his office and sat slowly into his large black leather office chair; he slid the chair up to his desk and opened the large black suitcase centered on the desk.

"He’s back" one of the men standing by the door said to Kain.

“Let him in” Kain almost shouted. The door slid open and the man Kain had spoken with in the car entered.

“Its done sir, He’s dead.”

“Do you have it?”

The man withdrew from his jacket pocket a glimmering purple crystal. “Perfect!” Kain exclaimed as he removed the crystal from the man’s hand. He then slid away the foam covering the contents of the briefcase. There were nine identical holes cut into the black foam. Two of them were already filled with two other glimmering crystals, one red, the other blue. As Kain slowly placed the purple crystal in its place all the crystals began to brighten.

“Welcome to the family, I don't need any help around here right now so you’ll be working with Fugue. But remember, you don’t work for him you work for me.”

“I’ll do my best for you sir” the man said confidently. The door then opened and the man was escorted out. *Things are going well.* Kain thought to himself...

Beazor Complex

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 4:23 am
Post subject: Beazor Complex

It looked like a warehouse now. Just goes to show you that its easy to hide in plain sight. Even had a dingy tin sign saying just what it was. The smell of decay was muted. About what you'd expect from run-down warehouse. But the real foul smells were all inside.

The man at the door collected some pittance for entry. More like a token fee. If you were coming here it was your life on the line. Everyone knew it. Victor could hear the crowd in the arena. It still sounded like chaos to him. He walked into the hot, steamy crowd. Passed the beer and food vendors (who could eat in a place like this?) and stepped onto the stands.

The vampire next to where he sat was gripping a ticket. And screaming at the ring down below. To Victor it looked like almost 1000 beings were all screaming and moving at once. In the ring a chaos-demon was fighting a M'Fashnik. Those huge antlers and all the slime were keeping the M'fashnik off of him, but they couldn't pierce his tough hide.

Aparently the M'Fashnik was the favorite. A shout went up as he used an elbow spike to hook the chaos demon's antler and twisted it off like a green branch from a sapling. Victor had seen enough. He stepped back into the corridor. A slight man bumped into him. Victor turned and the man met his eyes. *He's dead inside,* Victor thought, *But he has a quest like me.* The man shook off the look and hurried out.

Down to business. Victor found one of the bruisers standing around in the cheap suits. "Hey, meathead, where can I find Kain?"

He looked down. They always look down. Even through the sunglasses, Victor fixed his gaze. "I need to talk to your boss," he said in that I'm-really-serious voice. The goon shook his head for a second, almost as if he hadn't heard it right. Then the tone had the desired effect, and he waved to Victor to follow.

Victor had to stifle a smile. *I love how well that authoritative tone works. Thats why I buy the good suits. Makes it all the more authentic. Even if I can't cast spells, I can certainly perform magic.*

They trailed up a dark staircase, and Victor felt faint. If the smell downstairs was bad, up here it was unbearable. They stopped at a plain wooden door. The goon held up a hand for Victor to wait here, and knocked once before opening the door a crack.

"Boss, there's a guy tuh sees ya."

That would be the last thing that goon would ever say. "What guy? You let someone up here with out checking with me first! You moron!"

The door slammed shut on the goon's neck. The crack was loud enough to make Victor jump. *Why am I doing this again? The quest. Its all about the quest. Damn you, soul.*

The door flew open and 600 lbs of towering muscle and bone topped with a bald cherry of a head was Kain. He looked at Victor and the case. Then smiled. It didn't make Victor feel any better.

"Vrithetek, you old poser, come in!" Victor was ushered in by a hand with all the subtlety of a forklift. He had to step over the goon in the doorway, but once inside, Kain kicked the carcass into the hall and closed the door.

Victor managed to make his leg stop twitching before Kane looked right at him. "I have the shard you asked for," said Victor, "I couldn't find any others." * Liar. Shut up, soul!*

Kain was in no hurry. He poured a drink, and offered Victor one (Single Malt Scotch, neat). He sat behind his desk, and leaned back. "Its been a long time, Vrithetek. What have you been up to? Eaten anyone I know?"

"No, Kain, you know I don't do that any more. Haven't for a long time. Besides, you don't know anyone innocent, do you?"

Kain smiled and swirled his drink, "No, I suppose I don't."

"Before we get started I have to ask. What do you need the shard for?" Victor hoped he would give him a reason to turn on his heel and leave.

"Its not for me, its for a friend. I'm brokering a deal. I just knew you'd be good for two...maybe three of them. You only brought one?"

"Yeah, they are dangerous when you put them together. Things begin to happen. I might know where more of them are...but I'd have to know more about this deal."

Kain leaned forward. Victor could feel the heat of his breath, and taste the corruption of his presence, "None of your business. If one is what you have, then one is what I get. But I will not be dictated to about the morals of what I do."

Victor had to catch his breath. *Wow! He got a lot scarier in the last 150 years! What has he been up to?*

Victor was still trying to breathe and figured he might as well do something. He lifted the case to the desktop, and unlocked it. He lifted the cover, and saw the golden glow. He was about to turn the case around when he saw the colors radiating behind the desk.

*Shit. He has at least two already. What am I doing? Not this time soul! I need this. I have to have the answer!*

Victor's hands were trembling as he turned the case to face Kain. The golden luminence rising from the crystal made Kain look like a idol to an evil god. Which he might have been. He lifted it and turned it in his hand. "Excellent!" he cackled.

He reached into a pocket and pulled out a Thessalan Orb. He dropped it into Victor's hand. Victor didn't even wait to say good bye, and he rushed to the exit.

Outside the club, he leaned against one of the cars parked outside. He was drenched in sweat. He looked at the orb and its gentle glow. A spirit vessel. But with a special spirit inside. * You sold it for the price of a soul. But whose? *

Victor collapsed to his knees and wept, feebly saying to himself, "Shut up! Shut up!"

Feelings and Emotions

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 10:24 am
Post subject: Feelings and Emotions

Stalker paced back and forth in his lair, thinking. He couldn't sleep due to the fact that he'd just been totally healed and was feeling fresh and full of energy. There was nothing else for him to do because there was nothing in his lair except a hammock and he couldn't go anywhere because the sun was up.

He could go exploring the sewers but the idea of slushing around in shit all day long repulsed him.

Stalker hadn't chosen to live in the sewers for convenience, if he had wanted convenience he would have chosen a cozy litle crypt like most vampires did. He chose the sewers because of easy access and escape. He could get to his lair from anywhere in the city and if anyone tried to find him through the almost maze-like sewer it would be nearly imposible.

Stalker wasn't naive about his mortality. He knew one splinter of wood through his heart and he'd be dust, and trapping himself up in a crypt all day so any old Slayer or Hunter could come and stake him just wasn't his idea of smart.

Being trapped with nothing to do all day Stalker was presented with a chance to think.

*Why are these witches coming after me? Putting spells on me, it's not me they want, it's Catherine. They think I'd protect her, and I would wouldn't I? I have before. Why do I feel responsible for helping Catherine? For protecting her? I have made a vow never to kill anything good or innocent. Not to help fight evil, to do that would be to go against nature, it would be to go against everything that makes me who I am, after all am 'I' not evil, do 'I' not come from evil and doesn't all evil breed evil?*

*Yet still I feel it is my duty to help Catherine, to defend her. Why? She's a grown woman for God's sake - it's not my fight! Do I feel something for this woman? No, I couldn't, after all vampires can't love, can they? You need a soul to love, you need a heart, a beating heart... Don't you?*

Stalker paced back and forth nervously.

*Maybe I could get back into Bob's again. There is a manhole just next to the back door and it should be shaded from the sun enough to give me time to get in with minimal sunburn. Bob will know where she lives. I'll be able to go see her to fix my memory, but what then..?*

We're going shopping!

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2002 4:30 am
Post subject: we're going shopping!


At the clothes store Jem leafed briefly through a rack of clothes. She picked one out and put it up against her. Jem turned round. "Ebs. Waddaya think?"

Ebony was sitting on a shop assisstant , slowly pulling the hair from the younge girl's head. "Mmm?" she replied dreamily. "Oh yes, most fancy! Don't you agree miss....."she looked at the girl's name tag "Jenny?"

The girl shook her head vigorously.

"You don't talk much, do you? I think that's a bit boring." Ebony licked the end of Sparky. "For extra conductivity." she whispered as the girl's head hit the floor. "You got what you want?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess," said Jem as she picked up some garments. "Let's go!"

Ebony skipped over the bodies that littered to floor. They went to all kinds on shops at the mall. Ebony insisted on going into ktchen ware. Here she carefully selected some objects of her choice. They were: a sharp knife, an apple corer, a cheese grater and a potato peeler. Jem wisely, knowing Ebony, did not ask why she got them. It was, she thought, always more fun to watch what she did there and then.

When Jem's hands were full of shopping and goodies and Ebony's hands were covered in blood a few hours later, they started to go home.

"We need to get ready to go see Kain," Jem told her.

"Oooh, are we gonna have a night out?" Ebony asked dazedly.

"Maybe," Jem replied.

"Can Sparky come? And Bird?" she questioned gleefully.

"You wanna bring the cat?"


"I suppose."

"Yay, then tonight won't be boring?"





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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 11:13 p.m.
Post subject: Origins

Kate had spent the most part of the daylight hours up in the attic, trawling through her source of books. When she finally looked out of the wide, open window of the attic the L.A sky was already growing dark. It would soon be time for her to head back to Bob's, but that wasn't her main priority tonight.

Her research hadn't been as futile as she'd first supposed. She had learnt a great deal about the origins of the crystals. She was comforted by the fact that there were nine crystals in total, and whoever was seeking the stones must be quite a way from owning all nine. this would buy her some time, but not much, she would have to work quickly.

Kate is still in her robe; she collects a few mystical items and then walks down the stairs towards her bedroom. She opens the wardrobe door, looking at the array of clothes hanging inside. She eventually pulls out out a pair of black pants and a matching sweater. She doesn't want to stand out tonight. She pulls the soft cashmere knit over her silky hair, looking at her flushed appearance in the glass.

She could do this, it hadn't been that long since she had faced the evils of the world. She would start by returning to the building on Poplar Avenue. If nothing came of it she could always go back to Bob's, it wasn't more than twenty minutes away on foot.

Outside, the cab driver honked his horn impatiently. Kate turned towards the door. She pulled on her short, black leather jacket, placing the magic items in her pockets. She ties an amulet around her neck, tucking it under her sweater. She closed the front door behind her, it was time...

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2002 12:15 am

Talhu was glad that he could wait the five days between meals. It would have been nice for the last person to be more filling, but such was life. He just hoped that LA would finally allow him a place to stay indefinitely. Then again, it was rather unlikely that would ever happen. He was currently seated in a cafe, the last of his cash reserves spent. Waiting for a plate of food to be delivered was easy for him. While Talhu was hungry, it was not for what he had ordered that he craved.

He afforded a quick glance to another table, caught the man he had been following in line of sight for a moment. Hunting small business owners was his favorite. His food arrived shortly. As he went through the motions of eating, he got to thinking as sometimes happened. Humans called him a murderer and robber. All he viewed it as was a hunter making efficient use of his prey. When he was almost through, fortune struck: his lunch - his real lunch - got up from the table. A quick glance, and his surface thoughts revealed that he was going to the restroom.

The demon got up from the table and followed him. Talhu entered a moment after the other man. "Pardon me," he said. "Do you have the time?"

"Time?" the other asked, looking a little confused at such a strange
request in a restroom. "Why yes, it's - ahhhh." This last came when Talhu's hand had come up to grab his face and he began to feed on his life energy.

The man's breath came heavy, and a minute later he was dead. Talhu immediately pulled his wallet and took the cash inside. Around a hundred total. Then he arranged the body so it would be hidden in a stall.

Talhu then did what no human criminal would dare do: he returned to his
table, finished eating, and left. The body would be found later, long
after he had left. That evening, he paid for a few more days at the motel
where he was staying.

The news carried an interesting story about a dead man's blood having been turned into a red powder. It was a side effect of the feeding, one to be expected. He was just glad of one thing: the media would likely soon bore of this story, even when the repeat episodes began.

Outside the Beazor

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2002 5:01 am
Post subject: Outside the Beazor

*Fucking soul...it's not bad enough I have to feel bad about it...but I have to KEEP feeling bad about it.* Victor broke his train of thought as he heard the door on the other side of him rustling. He glanced back, and saw a man’s head pull itself down below the window, singed a bit by sunlight, just in time to avoid being seen.

“What are you looking at? Never seen a grown man cry?”

“Not such a bad thing, you know,” said a voice from the other side of the car. The man, a vampire, slipped a hand into his long, black trenchcoat, preparing to meet whatever threat may be on the other side.

Victor casually slipped the Orb of Thessela into his pocket. “What’s not so bad? Crying? I learnt that holing up those feeling makes ‘em a lot worse a long time ago.”

“Talking to yourself, I mean,” the voice continued, as he moved to the window to try and get a better look at Victor.

“It beats the hell out of the alternative.” *Never ending silence, watching yourself slip away.* Victor chuckled. “I suppose. I could be crazy. Or undead.” Victor looked over at the man and realised his faux pas, “No offence.”

“Why not?” said the vamp huddled against the car, shielded by the shadows it provided, “All we are is killers...” *Without a shred of control.*

The vampire tried to turn his head again to get another look at the man he was speaking to but a noise behind him caught his attention.

“Killers? I was a killer once. I killed ‘the innocent’ ...did it for the flavour,” Victor held up his hands like a prayer meeting, “A thousand year plague’. Killers. It was overrated. It comes down to flavour. Who wants to eat some nasty old hag...or a hard-core murderer, or a farmer...or some skank on the street?” Victor looked back at the vamp; “then all that ‘purity’ caught up with me... But you don’t care, do you?”

“No, I guess we don’t.” The vampire behind the car turned his head and saw another vamp crouching in near him.

“But then some do,” the crouching vamp said.

In a flash of movement, the man reached into his coat and whipped out his katana, decapitating the other vampire.

“Because we can remember who we were before we became what we are.”

Victor stood up and half-heartedly prepared to defend himself. “If we have to throw-down, I suppose I should warn you. I have no blood in me” *Not that I don’t appreciate you evening the odds,* he thought.

“If I wanted you dead, you would be.” The vamp, still crouched at the car, turned his head to the dust pile beside him, “Besides, I don’t exactly thrive on the light.” The vampire gestured at the sun, which had set behind the building. “I would be careful, it might not be me next time.” *Or maybe it might.*

Victor, who hadn’t paid attention to the fact he was standing in what must have been the only patch of sunlight on this side of the building, muttered, “Lucky me. But I was always the kind who walks in light and dark,” as he stepped into the shadows. “I’m Victor,” he said extending his hand.

“Michaels.” The vampire replied as he took Victor’s hand.

“You have a wonderful sword...what I saw of it...may I?” Victor asked.

“No,” Michaels stated. Seeing the sun had fallen behind the complex he stood, “You understand, of course, I am rather attached to it.” *It is all I have left, after all.*

Victor muttered under his breath, “I would be too,” and continued. “A good katana is hard to find. It’s not like the ancient masters handed them out willy-nilly. And the souvenir ones aren’t worth the scrap metal they are made of. Do you use it here? In the arena?”

“I might. Except I lack in what it takes to get in the door,” Michaels said, rubbing his finger with his thumb, the classic sign of money, “And its hardly a good idea to get on the bad side of the only place in town where someone like me can find work by doing something like, say, killing the door man.”

“I owe you,” said Victor, “Lets call it this a spontaneous act of kindness” Victor reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold clip. He peeled off three $100 bills and handed them to Michaels. “It’s enough to get you in and enough to stake a fight. I know you’ll play it into a tidy sum.”

*Heh. He owes me. That’s a laugh!* But Michaels took the money, his eyes never leaving Victor’s as he tried to get a measure on the man.

“Now I owe you,” said Michaels looking warily at Victor now, “And I don’t smell a soul in you.”

Victor met his steely gaze. There is that moment that passes between strangers when they know something about each other. Something infinitesimal that indicates an understanding.

“It’s there. Believe me...” *nag, nag, nag.*

Victor blinked first... “Aren’t we a pair? A demon with a soul who doesn’t show it...And a vampire without one who has honour.” He started to laugh, “Sounds like a joke doesn’t it?”

*I should be so fortunate. Honour, a soul. Everything I’ve lost,* Michaels laughed softly and smiled slightly, “Indeed, it does.”

“Pay it back. Pay it forward. Or just keep it. I’ll never miss it. I’ll consider it an investment. You have something hanging over your head,” Victor pointed to a place just above Michaels’s head, “It looks like an axe. You are afraid to die and afraid to live. I can see you won’t be happy till the axe falls and either beheads you or misses. All you have to wonder, is who holds the axe? “

“The very thing that brought me here.” *And a question with no answer, what is honour without a soul.* Michaels turned his head to the Beazor, and the clientele at the door, “I have a feeling I’ll see you again, Victor.” *I just pray I’m still me when the time comes.*

A yellow cab creeping down the street with a very frightened Hispanic man driving it caught Victor’s attention.

“That’s my cab. Domo Arigato, Bushido. Take care”

Michaels nodded, and started into the complex. He had a lot to do, before the sun went down. And his hunt began again.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2002 12:28 p.m.

Sorrow stepped out into the late afternoon sun and paused for a moment. He savoured that sense of urgency that hung over the city like smog, a cloud of desperation to be something...anything. He settled his katana Hizashi on his shoulder a little more comfortably and hailed a cab. "Griffith Park Observatory" he told the driver as he got in.

The ride took a while and Sorrow took the time to wonder why Jenny had asked for him, after all he killed vampires and she preferred lycanthropes. He would ask her but somehow he didn't think he'd get a good answer.

The cab reached the observatory and Sorrow paid the driver, Jenny was waiting for him just inside the entrance. "Hi," she smiled as she spoke.

"Greetings," he intoned back at her, a grin breaking over his face.

"So can we talk or are we moving somewhere else?"

"No, here's fine I suppose you have some questions?"

"A few, but lets look around first."

They spent the next half-hour or so looking over the observatory while Sorrow quizzed Jenny on recent events. "Look, I thought it was a werewolf but it did something strange last week."


"Yeah, I was tracking it through some rough part of town. I guess it was
looking for a victim, and just for a moment I lost it."

Sorrow frowned at her. He knew Jenny never lost a target, especially this late in the game.

"So I'm trying to pick up its trail again when I hear a scream. It's about three blocks over and when I get there it's gone, there's just the body of some women lying there with her throat torn out."

"Well you said it was a werewolf - that's what they do."

"But they don't drink blood, the entire front of her throat was just gone but they wasn't enough blood at the scene to fill a thimble."

"So it was a vampire who just happened to be in the area."

"This was a were attack. There was hair under her nails and it wasn't human."

"So what do you want me for? It sounds like you've got a wolf with odd tastes that's all. Why call me?"

"Because I'm worried, I haven't be able to find it since, I was hoping you'd have better luck."

"Fine, give me a list of its usual haunts and I'll have a look around. By the way, do you know of any magic shops around here?"

Jenny hands Sorrow a disk "That's got everything I've collected on this thing, as for a magic shop you might try XY by Bob's Bar. It looks kind of new agey but other than that you'll have to check the network."

Sorrow takes the disk. "Bob's Bar?"

"It's in the files...Bob knows a little about a lot and is willing to sell it on."

"No problems, I'll check it out tomorrow...You don't mind if I hunt do you?"

"You're not getting paid?"


"Then by all means."

Sorrow smiled again. "Ever the mercenary, Jenny."

"Always. Call me when you have something."

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2002 2:01 p.m.

Tash gazed at the still form on her bed, torn between two choices. She laid her gloved hand against the pulse in his neck - much stronger, though still a little thready. She didn't want to leave him alone, but she worried about the crystal that Tempest was searching for, and wanted to see if the items in Jade's shop had anything to do with it. The boy looked like he'd be down for some hours yet, so she found a piece of paper and wrote a message.

Please don't be alarmed if you awake to find yourself in a strange place. My name is Natasha (Tash) and I found you in an alley, looking the worse for wear. I don't know if you remember who or what attacked you, but you lost a lot of blood and you're probably feeling very weak. I couldn't take you to a hospital - there would be too many questions about the marks on your neck.

Please rest and drink plenty of water - I should be back very soon. If you feel you can't trust me and want to leave, the key next to the cross is for the door. Take both the key and the cross, and if you go, please lock the door behind you and slide the key under the door. I'm putting a lot of trust in you for this. I hope to see you when I return.


She placed the note on the bedside table, propped against the water jug, and put one of her crosses next to it. Then she fished out her spare key and placed it next to to the cross. Tash shook her head. *I really, REALLY, hope I'm not going to regret this!*

It was early afternoon. Tash had managed to grab a couple of hours' nap after Jade left, but was now feeling restless. She'd had a quick shower and changed out of the clothes she'd been sleeping in. *Hope he wakes up today, I want my bed back...* She resettled the shoulder holster under her jacket, and left, carefully locking the apartment door behind her.

Walking down the blocks towards XY, Tash noted the gradual deterioration of the neighbourhood as she passed each block. The buildings grew progressively more run-down, the streets themselves seemed filthier, and more alleys and doorways contained poor scraps of humanity. The auras of these people were universally the dull brown of despair. Except.......

Tash stopped dead in her tracks, unable to even think for a second. That aura there - surely that was..... She moved as if in a trance towards the figure huddled just within the next alleyway.

"Matthias! Is that you?"

The face that turned towards her was completely unfamiliar to Tash, but for a moment there was something in the eyes, something that seemed to speak of unbearable longing and regret. Tash faltered, unsure of herself - but that aura, surely there couldn't be two so similar?

"I'm sorry, you reminded me of someone...." Tash deliberately pulled off her gloves, and took a step closer to the man who looked so strange and yet felt so familiar. The smell of old alcohol was strong, as was the odour of unwashed human.

The man finally spoke, in a voice that sounded nothing like Matthias'. "Sorry, Miss, I think you've got me mistaken. Got a buck for a cup of coffee?" He pulled back slightly from Tash's outstretched hand.

Undaunted, Tash brushed the frayed, dirty sleeve that was before her. For a few moments, her world disappeared as visions tumbled across each other. Matthias with a group of tall people both fair and terrible to look upon. Herself in St Louis, training. Coming back to herself, she stared at this strange face surrounded by Matthias' aura. "How did you.....Matthias, what have you done? Who are you really?"

The man shook his head and sighed. "Tash, I hoped you would not come to this city. I knew you'd recognise me no matter the face I wore." The voice still sounded strange, but the words were Matthias'.

Tash stood still, her mind a whirl of thoughts, of the time she'd spent with Matthias, and the eighteen months of searching now come to an end. She felt elated, relieved and angry all at once. She felt tears pricking behind her eyes. *Dammit, don't start crying like a child!*

"I had no idea where you'd gone, or why you'd gone. I searched everywhere. I've been all over this continent, and all over Europe." Now that she'd started, Tash found she couldn't stop. Her voice started rising as the tears began to fall. "I thought I'd lost you forever, but the money was still coming in, so I thought you must be somewhere. I just couldn't - can't - understand why you left without a word...."

Matthias stood and wrapped Tash in the shelter of his arms. The stinking, prickly coat he was wearing was pressed against her face, but she didn't care. She just let the tears fall silently. She'd finally found the man she thought of as her second father. Nothing else mattered.

After a while the flow of tears subsided and Tash drew back slightly. Matthias wiped a tear from her cheek with his thumb. "Now that you know this much, I may as well tell you some of the rest of it. It will help you to understand why I left. I didn't want to leave you, you know." He gently carressed her hair. "You still wear it very short, I see."

Tash gave a small laugh "You were always on at me to grow it, and I never would." She looked at him. "So why did you leave?"

"First, let me show you something." The derelict's form wavered, the features blurred, and then it was Matthias standing there, just as Tash remembered him. For a moment she stood open-mouthed.

"You know, it's one thing knowing you must be able to do that, but quite another to see it." she said. Then she looked around, worried that a passerby may have noticed.

Matthias shook his head "Don't worry, I've obscured this small part of the alley. So far as anyone else is concerned, it's empty."

Tash looked at the face that she'd known for most of her life. "So, what do you really look like? And I'm sure Matthias Perrett isn't your name, is it?"

Matthias sat on the ground, gesturing to Tash. "This will take a while, you may as well get comfortable." When she was settled, he continued. "Once upon a time, in a land far away..." Tash rolled her eyes at his beginning, but he chided her with a glance and kept going. "...there was a beautiful young woman. She was just a peasant, but so pretty that many men desired her hand. She found herself a good husband and prepared for the normal life of a peasant, having babies, working the fields, growing old with her husband.

"But one day soon after she was wed a faery came to her village. He was a sidhe, one of the faery nobility, and he spied this lovely young woman and desired to know her. He disguised himself as her husband and came to her in the afternoon. Only afterwards did he reveal his true form. Terribly ashamed, the young woman wept, but the sidhe cared not, for they tend not to concern themselves with the short-lived human species.

"Some time later the woman knew she was with child, and feared it was the produce of her union with the sidhe. Once the child was born, she knew it to be so, for the child was fair to look upon, yet his eyes seemed old. The woman thought she should kill the child, but having borne him could not bear to destroy him. So she named him Oillill, which meant "elf" in her tongue, and pretended he was her husband's.

"The boy grew, and when he was a man his father's people claimed him and took him to their realm. There he was taught fae magic and finally was given a task to perform among the humans. This task was an arduous one, and long. It took him many, many years, but he finally managed to complete one part of the task. But then the man who was only half a man felt the touch of humanity for the first time since he'd left his mother many centuries before. He found a girl who had lost her family and was hurting so much he could feel her pain as if it were a living thing."

Matthias paused in his story. Tash couldn't help staring at him. "All this time, you never let on? I kept feeling or seeing odd things when I touched any of your stuff, but none of it ever made sense." Matthias gripped Tash's hand, which was now gloved again.

"I couldn't tell you, Tash. I spent eleven years with you, eleven years in which I watched you grow up into a beautiful, tough young woman. You would have died that night. I should have let you die, but for the first time in my life, I felt a connection with someone. Your pain touched me. I didn't want to leave you, the sidhe came for me. I had stopped my quest, and they were....not pleased."

Tash had never been able to read Matthias' thoughts - now she knew why. "What is this task of yours? From what I've heard of the sidhe they don't give a toss about humans." Tash drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around her legs. She knew it made her look defensive, but seeing Matthias again made her feel a bit like the lost young girl she'd once been. *Hell, still am for the most part.*

Matthias gave Tash a searching look. "I suppose you deserve to know some of it, at least. The sidhe and humans are bound by the same fate in this case. There is an artefact which was splintered centuries ago and was thought lost. It was very powerful, and could destroy both the sidhe and humanity if it were to be reassembled. It goes by many names, but the name the sidhe gave it is Cloch Cosan. I was set to find the pieces and ensure they would never come together."

Tash had a sudden, horrible feeling. "This artefact.....it's not made of crystal, is it?"

Matthias stared at Tash. "What do you know?"

"Only that I met a strange man the other night. He was looking for a piece of crystal. He said he had to give it to someone called Kain to pay a debt." Tash looked at Matthias. "I think Kain may be a vampire, or at least has close dealings with vampires."

Matthias looked worried. "From what I can tell, there's a demon in this city who's collecting pieces. I'm sure he has at least two, maybe three, and I think he's got the means to get more. I fear this man you met will provide him with yet another."

"Well, how many bits are we talking about here? If there's hundreds, what good is a handful going to do this demon?"

Matthias shook his head. "No, I'm afraid there are only nine separate crystals that make up the Cloch Cosan. But, tell me more about this man you met. Can he be convinced not to give the demon the crystal?"

Tash thought back to her meeting with Tempest. "He had an aura like I'd never seen before. That's why I followed him - I was curious. Don't look at me like that, Matthias, you know I can handle myself! This aura, it was mainly blue and purple, so I know he's a good man, but there was lots of white. I mean lots! Now I know that white means purity or protection. He seemed a good man, but I wouldn't have called him pure. But that much protection? He was hurt, so he's not invulnerable.

"Anyway, when he said he was after a crystal I worried that it might be something bad - but not as bad as you've told me! So I said to him that maybe he shouldn't be giving it to vampires, because it probably wouldn't be good for the rest of us. He said he'd find it first, then worry about whether or not to hand it over." Tash looked at Matthias. "I've got his phone number."

Matthias nodded slowly. "OK, I think I should talk to him about this business. Maybe it's time to involve other people. I've been too slow in securing the pieces. I have one, but the other eight are out there." He paused briefly, "I'm going to have to change back now, Tash."

"Wait! Please, Matthias - I'm sorry, I can't think of you as Oillill..."

Matthias/Oillill shook his head. "I can't think of myself as anything but Matthias when I'm with you, Tash, so please keep calling me that."

Tash smiled. "What I wanted to say was...can I see you, as you really are, before you change back?"

Matthias was still for a moment, then something shifted behind his eyes, and he nodded slightly. His form blurred again, and then Tash was looking at a man who seemed like the ones she'd seen when she touched Matthias' sleeve. He was pale, fair-haired, both beautiful and forbidding. He was like the sea on a stormy day. Impressive to look at, but you wouldn't want to go for a swim. Tash blinked, and then the old derelict was standing stooped before her. She caught her breath. *Be careful what you wish for, girl.* she thought to herself.

"I sense you have other things you need to do this afternoon, Tash. I'll be by your apartment later tonight to get that number from you."

Tash frowned. "How do you know where I live?" She looked at Matthias with dawning realisation. "You knew I was here already, didn't you?"

"I'm sorry, I needed to stay hidden. Please, Tash, understand I never wanted to hurt you."

Tash bent her head and shook it slowly from side to side. She looked up at Matthias. "You're right, there are other things I was supposed to be doing this afternoon. I'll see you tonight." Feeling betrayed, Tash turned and continued down the street to Jades' shop.

Dressing Up

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2002 7:36 p.m.
Post subject: Dressing Up

Ebony sat at her desk in front of a wide mirror, meticulously blacking her lips. No one knew why she had the mirror it wasn't as if she could see anything. Ebony did love a party. Even if her idea of a party was slightly different to everone else's. It wasn't even a party. Still she dressed her self up in her favourite leather. Bird jumped onto the desk and sniffed at her jewelry box.

"Pretty things, Bird?" Bird looked at her a little confused. Ebony opened the box. An ancient tinkling rhyme played. She swayed, possessed, to the tune. She laid the many trinkets out onto the table and traced her finger idly around each piece.

"Mmm? This one? Nnnn. mmmmm?" Her floating hand hovered over a necklace that held a perfect black crystal. She picked it up and eyed it, placing it over her neck and looking at her imaginary reflection. "This one maybe? Mmmm?" She stroked it against her cheek and felt its energy crackle against her skin. "Mmmm. I like it." She put it back on the desk.

Bird sniffed it and backed away hissing and spitting everywhere.
"Now, now, none of that. Fine, I won't wear it!" she placed it carefully back in the twinkling box, picked up a black fang on a long thread and tied it round her neck.

"There, finished!" she smiled at the mirror, kissed where her reflection would be and left a black lip mark on the glass. She stepped into her boots, picked up her new peeler and slipped it in her pocket. Then she picked up the recharged Sparky and walked out of her crypt to find Jem or some innocent thing to prey on, Bird following close behind.

From Matthias

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 12:03 am
Post subject: From Matthias

Matthias watched Tash's retreating back. He hadn't wanted to involve her in all of this, but what's done is done. He felt at his waist, at the bulge of the pouch he wore next to his skin there, and thought of the green glowing crystal that nestled within. If only he'd been able to find more of the cursed things, he wouldn't now be in this position.

He could sense the growing power of the few crystals that were already brought together. That feeling had grown stronger just a few moments before. *Damn, Kain must have another one already! That could mean he has four now - I must act, soon.* His sense of the individual crystals was beginning to be drowned out by the emanations coming from the grouped ones. *If I can't locate more single crystals, maybe I'll have to try to do something about Kain. That's not in my original job description, but things are progressing too rapidly. I can't let the Cloch Cosan reintegrate.*

A passerby looked in at the alley where Matthias was standing, and hurried on, disturbed by the sight of the old derelict muttering to himself with a wild look in his eyes. Matthias - now that he had met Tash again, he couldn't help but think of himself as Matthias - chuckled softly. This last disguise was a good one for getting around the streets unseen. Who remembered one more homeless man among so many dispossessed? He would have to change his appearance before he visited Tash - he didn't think her landlady would approve of a stinking wino in her establishment.

He settled back down in his niche in the alley. He cast his senses out again for the vibrations of the crystals. He was sure there was one not too far away - it had the vibrations of the orange crystal. *Concentrate, you old fool. Stop thinking about Tash - you made your choice.*

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 12:16 am

Sorrow stepped into the club. The bouncers had been human so Hizashi had gone completely unnoticed. It was loud, hot and dark. Perfect territory for vampires. Sorrow moved through the crowd looking for the telltale signs of the undead, the deathly pallor, that smoothness of motion that even the youngest ones had, but most of all the scent of the grave that hung over them all.

Sorrow was surprised, there were more here than he expected, many newly risen. He picked his target, a young women was flirting at the bar, little did the guy know that she had more interest in his neck than anything he was saying. Sorrow found a spot to observe the pair and he hoped that the vamp liked a little privacy for her kills.

A little later she smiled at the guy leant to whisper in his ear. She had him. His arm went around her. As they rose and moved towards the exit, Sorrow followed. The night was cool after the heat of the club. The vamp and her mark moved away slowly heading towards the darkened alley.
*Even better* thought Sorrow. He didn't feel like a lengthy chase. Sorrow gave them a little space, it was always easier to explain after the vamp had started to feed.

Sorrow watched as the vamp slowly kissed the guy then as she moved towards his neck. Sorrow moved quietly down the alley. The vamp slipped into game face between one kiss and the next and suddenly the man stiffened.

"Am I interrupting?" Sorrow said. The vampire turned quickly and snarled at him. Her mark was already going into shock.

"Guess I am," as Hizashi swept towards her. The vampire smiled momentarily as the blow was aimed too low to decapitate her, but this was sunforged steel and such precision was unnecessary. Her last expression was one of shock as she collapsed into dust at Sorrow's feet. The mark's uncomprehending face was illuminated by the soft glow of Sorrow's sword, blood still trickling from the wound on his neck.

"Here," said Sorrow lifting the man's hand towards his neck, "keep the pressure on." The wound didn't look too bad and she had not had time to take too much.

"You should be able to make it to a doctor but be careful there are others around."

The man nodded slowly. Sorrow stood and left moving back towards the club. He was uninterested in whether the man survived, after all one less sheep in world wouldn't matter more or less.

** Later **

Sorrow had made a mistake but he wasn't sure when. It didn't matter now though, what mattered was that four vampires surrounded him and they wanted him dead.

*Four,* he thought worriedly, *even with Hizashi four is going to be tough.* The vampires were keeping their distance, moving around him.
Sorrow decided he didn't have much choice, magic was the only thing that was going to get him out this with his skin intact.

A quick feint pushed them back a little and gave him the time to speak a couplet in Latin. Hizashi's soft glow brightened quickly to a blinding glare and Sorrow gritted his teeth at the instant sunburn he acquired. The spell had done it's job though; four clouds of dust drifted to the floor.

Sorrow was driven to his knees as agony swept through him and for a few moments it was all he could do to stay conscious. Finally he drew a ragged breath and unclenched his hands from his sword's grip. There was no glow from the blade now and it would not return for at least a day. He was vulnerable and knew it, but it had been a good night. He had killed five vamps although he would have preferred to do so with a little less pain. Sorrow slowly got to his feet and, fighting the pain that seem to set fire to his blood, moved back towards his hotel.

After Lunch...

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Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 6:11 am
Post subject: After Lunch...

Jade rubbed her tummy, finished off the last bit of her chicken foccacia sandwich and got up to make her way back to XY. The skirt of her long black dress swished softly around her ankles as she walked, her brow furrowed in concentration as she made a mental list of all the errands she had to run today. Topping that list was the ordering of more red candles and tarot decks, both of which had been selling like hotcakes.

“Red for passion,” she mused, “it just shows where people’s priorities lie, even in times like these. Not money, not fame, but passion.”

Jade lit a cigarette as she unlocked the door to the shop. Instead of heading in straight away, she leaned against the doorframe and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes and sighing in satisfaction as she did so.

“Those things’ll kill ya!”

Jumping at the sound of a gruff voice beside her ear, Jade turned around and automatically took a step back from the dirty old tramp standing behind her.

“Sorry girlie, didn’t mean to frighten ya. Spare a coupla dollars for a sandwich?” The man seemed sheepishly apologetic.

Smiling uncertainly, Jade rummaged around and gave him the handful of loose change in her pocket. As he shuffled off, she tossed her cigarette into the gutter and walked into XY. *His eyes…* she thought, *there’s something different about that guy...*

The door-chime tinkled as a group of teenage schoolgirls trooped into the shop and made a beeline towards the scented bath and Aromatherapy oils, distracting her from. *Back to work!* Jade thought.

Between serving her customers and playing around with the display of her new merchandise, (“Such gorgeous crystalline figurines!” she thought wistfully as she fussed around them) the afternoon flew by...

Another piece of the puzzle.

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Natasha Brookes
Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 6:25 am
Post subject: Another piece of the puzzle.

Tash walked stiffly away from Matthias. *He knew I was here, knew where I was living. Why didn't he come to see me? He wanted to stay hidden? He knew if ever I spotted him, I'd know who he was.* Tash was confused, seething that Matthias hadn't sought her out, but also feeling as though a weight had been lifted from her. She'd found him, after all this time! *And knowing who he really is, finally. He's scary.*

Tash looked around. She'd been so lost in her thoughts she'd managed to walk straight past Jade's shop. It was well into the afternoon. *I'd better make this fairly quick. I don't want to leave that guy in my room alone too long.* Turning back, she retraced the half-block to XY.

Tash reached the open door and peered inside. Jade was serving a customer at the counter. Tash gave her a quick wave, which Jade acknowleded with a smile. Tash took the time to have a look around at the merchandise.

At a glance, she realised that the store was basically divided into two parts. The front had shelves lining the walls and stands dotting the interior. There was an entire shelf dedicated to items with a rose motif, another shelf contained oil burners and a wide selection of potpurri and aromatherapy oils. Tash sniffed at a few of the sample bottles *Hmmm, always love the lavender. Mum liked lavender.....*

There were candles, little statuettes, trinket boxes with delicate designs, some antique picture frames, perfectly made paper flowers, and a host of other items. Tash took her time, weaving between the stands and shelves.

Then Tash's wanderings brought her near the back of the shop. She immediately noticed that this area was a little different. The lights were dimmer; the air more subdued, if such a thing was possible. Instead of frivolous knick knacks, the back section of shop stocked incense, spell books and tons of other items related to the craft. Tash's attention was drawn to a locked cabinet, filled with dark unlabelled bottles. *Potion ingredients?* she thought with a wry smile. *Why do I get the feeling that that isn't far off the mark?*

Then she noticed it. A stand that was slightly separated from the clutter that filled most of the area. On the shelves of this stand were several delicate crystal sculptures. The designs varied from the abstract to depictions of various animals, including dolphins, unicorns and dragons. There were also sculptures of tiny towers and castles.

Tash gazed at these sculptures, wondering if any of them had anything to do with Matthias' apocalyptic crystals. She looked around, the customer was just finishing up and leaving the store. Nobody else was in here except for Jade.

Tash removed one of her gloves, and very gently caressed the first sculpture, one of a dolphin leaping out of the water. Blue crystal had been used to depict the water, and the dolphin was pure, clear crystal. Tash brushed it with her bare fingertips. A middle-aged woman putting the final touches on her creation. *Nope, not that one...*

Tash continued to lightly touch each of the sculptures in turn, until she came to one of a dragon. It had been created from amethyst, so the dragon was a pale violet. In one claw it clasped an irregularly shaped orange crystal. As Tash touched the back of the dragon, she felt a very faint vibration. A man standing with the completed dragon on a bench. He was muttering imprecations at the orange crystal. The colour was perfect for him though it wasn't quite the right size, but it resisted all his efforts to shape it.

The picture faded, and Tash looked at the dragon. Then her hand brushed the orange crystal held in the dragon's claw. A jolt of power shot up Tash's arm. She jumped back, out of breath, with her shoulder aching like a bastard. She stared at the crystal.

Jade's voice startled her. "What's wrong, Tash?"

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2002 10:04 p.m.

Sorrow caressed the woman's face. Her skin was cool but not unpleasantly so. As her head tilted to one side he saw the wound she had opened with her nails. Sorrow bent his head to it and drank.

"Am I interrupting?" said a dark figure as Sorrow felt the tip of a blade press into his chest. The woman gasped as she exploded into dust.

"No!" said Sorrow as he sat bolt upright in bed.

*Just another dream,* he thought. He had had them ever since the attack, this one was not that different. Sorrow headed for the bathroom; he needed to get the taste of blood out of his mouth.

In the bathroom he took stock of the damage caused by last night. Some Tai Chi would ease the stiffness in his muscles and more importantly centre his energies. There wasn't much he could do about his face and hands though. The burn had faded to a tan but it still carried a hint of redness. He would just have to dress accordingly.

An hour later Sorrow unpacked the magic supplies he had brought with him. Unlike Jenny he wasn't immune to lycanthropy and therefore he needed some protection. Somehow the thought of being occasionally furry just didn't appeal.

An amulet of Ganthess would hold an appropriate spell but it looked like he had left the crystals he needed to energise it behind in London, but since he also wanted to pick up some wolfbane it wasn't that much of a problem.

Sorrow switched on his laptop, if XY didn't work out he needed a back up plan. A quick search of the society's database turned up three other possibilities not too far away, so with that sorted Sorrow fixed himself a coffee and placed Jenny's disk in the drive.

Two wasted hours later Sorrow realised that everything Jenny had done up to that point had assumed that the critter was a lycanthrope, but just maybe that wasn't true. Well he had a description and a few places to check out but it was all pretty thin.

Sorrow looked at the amulet. *Better safe than sorry.* He shouldered a still quiescent Hazashi and headed for the door.

The Beazor Complex

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 3:12 am
From The Beazor Complex

"Slackers! All of you are slackers!" bellowed the pit boss, Paul at his staff.

"Mr. Kain has had two intruders in here just this afternoon. There is no way this will be allowed to continue. I have given him my personal assurance that it will not happen again."

"You will double your watch starting right now. And if I catch any of you vamps snacking on the patrons, you are fired. Literally. I'll torch you myself!"

The apes, demons, vampires, and thugs filed back out into the crowd, and the pit boss looked pleased with himself. He straightened his jacket and strolled back into the big room.

The atmosphere was more like mardi-gras meets a mosh pit. The patrons with the good seats...the ones above the swill, leered down at the antics in the pit. Down below the rickety bleachers sat a wide range of humanity and not-so-humanity. In the center, the referree (as he was called), called the battles. The braver patrons (or the cheaper ones) crowded the pit sunk into the center of the arena. The well lit hole held two combatants.

It goes without saying that two went in and one came out. But for the better seats, the real bet was how many would die before the one left. They still talked about the day the Stupka the Barusch Daemon was beheaded, and sprayed acid in a 30 foot circle from the stump of his neck. Some grimy homeless guy won a potload on a throwaway bet of '69 deaths'.

Paul shook hands with the wealthy regulars. He schmoozed and gladhanded. He accepted a fair bribe to seat some schmuck in the first promenade. He watched his goon squad patroll and police. Everyone was welcome at the Beazor, but not every one got along.

He smacked one of the bartenders for not checking ID, and ended up buying the drink for the 85 year old vamp kid. It was still worth it, he figured, to keep them on their toes. He stepped into the dark hallway where the two thick necked thugs stood to keep out the riff-raff. He walked up the poorly-lit staircase to the darkened doorway at the top of the stairs.

The floor was still slick from the janitor cleaning up the mess. Paul rapped one on the door once, then waited. He waited a good 5 minutes before the lock clicked, indicating he could enter. Mr. Kain sat behind his desk. He seemed calm enough, but Paul had seen him erupt with no warning. Paul stepped in and pulled the door closed.

"Mr Kain, I have passed the case to the twins as you asked. They have been paid a handsome bonus to assure their excellent service and loyalty. I have doubled the security shifts for the short term, but we may need some additional...mystical...secuity measures. I have a feeling that there might be more trouble brewing than usual."

Kain listened to the status report without blinking. He curled a single digit to call Paul closer. Paul walked closer to the desk. Kain waved to him again, and Paul moved forward until he was right in Kain's face. Paul had been through this before.

"Paul, you have been my personal security coordinator here at The Beazor for longer than any of your predecessors. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Kain. Three months now."

"Why have you outlasted all the others?" Kain's hoarse whisper carried a slight threat with it.

"Mr. Kain, I can only assume it's because you like me," Paul replied with an even tone.

Kain exploded with laughter. Paul relaxed just enough, and smiled slowly as Kain's mood seemed to lighten.

"Paul, I need more fighters, and I need more defenders. You are my lieutenant in this place. You carry my authority to the proles down below. I will need you to be ready. "

"Ready for what, sir? I am prepared for assasination, arson, terrorism, theft, mayhem, biological toxins, chemical toxins, infiltrators, moles, magical attack, scrying, curses, spies, cheats, OSHA, monsters, artillery, armored vehicles, tax audits, lawsuits, and congressional investigations. What else do I need to be ready for?"

Kain nodded appreciatively as Paul counted off his defenses. He raised eyebrows at a couple as if even he hadn't considered them. He picked up his glass and gently swirled the ice, "Paul, are you prepared for an invasion?"

Paul opened his mouth, then closed it. He started twice to answer the question, and then stopped. He finaly slumped his crisp posture, "No. Not really. To be honest, I considered it too remote a possibility for an attempt. But it could be possible. If the Mexicans..."

Kain gestured to cut him off, "I wasn't talking about being invaded, Paul. I was talking about leading an invasion."

Paul never felt fear. He was never nervous. And if you asked him why his knees were knocking he'd have told you it was a tremor.

"Sir. I will be ready when you need me," said Paul.

"Don't die before then, " Kain's gesture of dismissal was accompanied by a big grin.

*Now things get interesting* they both thought.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 6:30 am

Tempest arrived home at around 5:00 am. He quickly readied himself for sleep and was soon sleeping peacefully, until images of him running from two glowing eyes in the darkness tore his dreams away and replaced them with visions that were more like a nightmare.

Tempest awoke screaming in terror. He knew his nightmare wasn't a mere nightmare but a fragment of the past he could not remember. He knew it was him in the dream because he distinctly remembered the shrill clang of his sword as it hit the ground and he was dragged into the darkness and could see nothing.

As he drank the glass of water he had on his bedside table he noticed the sweat dripping from him forehead. He glanced at the clock and it was nearly noon. He showered and dressed. As he exited his room in the hotel he had a sudden flash from his nightmare. Again he was blinded and all he could see were the eyes from his dream. As this happened all his senses dulled and he could see only the eyes and hear only a faint whisper, but he could barely understand what it was saying...

“You. You know.” it hissed slowly.

“Know what?” Tempest stammered in reply.

“You feel it.” It paused. “ You know it's coming.”

“Know what is coming? ” Tempest questioned.

“You were there. In the beginning, you were there. And again you will be there.” Again it seemed to hiss.

“How do you know this?” He again stammered.

“I know as you soon will know. The past will again become the future.”

Everything went black and Tempest was again in the hall in front of his apartment, he dropped to his knees with exhaustion and collapsed.


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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 10:57 am
Post subject: Recruitment

A couple of days later, Talhu returned to the motel after having killed a mugger and taking about $50 from him. Little did he know that his life was about to change drastically. After turning on the lights in his room, he noticed at least three bodies present. One was an orange coloured humanoid sitting down in a chair. The other two were both vampires, one standing behind the humanoid, another behind him shutting the door.

“Good evening, Pravus,” the orange one said. His voice seemed to be calm, steady, and controlled. “We have much to discuss.”

Talhu buttoned together his suit jacket, trying to muster what defiance he could. “Really? Who are you, and about what?”

“Forgive me. My name is Alaric. As for what I want, my organisation seeks to make demons and vampires stronger.”

“So why come to me?”

“Because of all the demons I am aware of, you are best suited to something I need.” Alaric paused, expecting another interruption, then continued. “You have lived long enough that you should know it is true when I say that conflict in general, and violent conflict in particular, is the catalyst for the advancement of species. The weak fall and those that are left are stronger.”

Talhu sighed. “Let me be blunt. What do you want?”

“Your services. In return, you will get a generous stipend as well as the use of my influence.” Alaric smiled. “We are your best chance at one day getting your wish of being left alone.”

The other demon considered this for a minute, then made his decision. “What do you want me to do?”

Another piece of the puzzle. (Cont’d)

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 12:08 p.m.
Post subject: Another piece of the puzzle. (Cont’d)

Tash took a moment or two to catch her breath. She turned to Jade, her eyes filled with the realisation that this was one of the crystals Matthias had spoken of. "Um, Jade, how close are you to closing? I need to talk to you about something."

"Well, I could close up now I suppose... I make it a point to get out of this part of town before Bob's patrons start flocking down for a night out." Jade rolled her eyes and grinned at Tash. "Not my kinda scene... Look, give me 5 minutes to get everything locked up and we'll walk back to the apartment. We can talk at my place, ok?" Jade placed a hand on Tash's shoulder. *She looks kinda spooked... I wonder what's up...*

Tash eyed the black flecks dancing in Jade's aura, at odds with the truth she felt in Jade's words. "Quite right. You don't want to mess with those guys at all." Tash eyed the dragon warily. "I think, though, we should stay in here until I've told you what you need to know. You have a decision to make...."

Nodding apprehensively, Jade moved to the front of the store and locked the door. After flipping the sign around to say "CLOSED", she turned towards the counter and took out a cigarette from a silver case in her bag. For some reason, she felt a little uneasy. Tash was giving off vibes that unnerved her. Lighting up, she walked back to where Tash was standing and motioned for Tash to join her at the back of the store where she had a small seating area usually reserved for tarot card readings.

Not sure where to start, Tash perched on the edge of one of the seats, drumming her fingers on the table. "I've just found out some stuff a little while ago that could be really important." She fixed Jade with her clear gaze. "Ultimately important."

"I've noticed you have some items that people would call magic, and I know you know about vampires, so I hope you'll believe what I'm about to tell you, no matter how fantastic it sounds." Tash hated to do this to somebody she'd just met, but Jade held one piece of a very nasty puzzle.

"Sounds really serious!" Jade quipped, smiling past the lump of unease lodged in her throat. "Relax Tash, I can handle it. Just give it to me straight and tell me what you need me to do."

Tash nodded "OK, here goes. There are nine crystals that were once part of a whole - Matthias called it the Cloch Cosan. The nine were scattered throughout the world, but are being gathered together again, here." Tash stilled the fingers that had continued drumming. "If they come together, it'll be bad. Really bad, I'm thinking apocalypse." She looked back at the dragon, then at Jade. "And I think you've got one."

Jade blinked and drew hard on her cigarette. "I presume that whoever is gathering the Cloch Cosan isn't what we'd call a pillar of society then? And you're worried that I might pass the one in my possession to him either under force or ignorance?"

Tash smiled "Well, that's certainly one possibility, if you didn't know you had it. So far as I can tell, they can't be destroyed." Tash hated to reveal her abilities, a habit from a childhood of strange looks, but when needs must... "When I touched the dragon, I ... saw ... the guy who made it. He couldn't affect the orange crystal at all - he wanted to shape it a little, but he couldn't even scratch it. And when I touched the crystal itself..." Tash absently rubbed her shoulder, which was still hurting.

Tash continued. "So we can't destroy it, which means you need to decide how to deal with it. I know my friend Matthias is trying to stop them from coming together."

Reeling from all the information, Jade pushed her hair out of her eyes and stared intently at Tash. The admission from her new friend about her psychic powers - if that was the correct term to describe them - wasn't what stunned her... What was making her head spin was the fact that she'd something of such grave importance right under her nose and she'd failed to notice it. *Strange... My powers of perception are usually more astute than this. Have I've been dwelling too much on the past that I'm neglecting the present?*

"This friend of yours... Matthias... Can he be trusted?"

Tash smiled a rueful smile, "In this, yes." A world of unspoken hurt swirled within her, but she knew Matthias hadn't lied to her this afternoon.

Leaning over, Jade squeezed Tash's arm. She could've sworn that she saw a shadow pass over Tash's eyes when Matthias' name was mentioned. Recalling the impression she'd gotten that Tash understood what it was like to suffer almost unbearable hurt, she somehow sensed that this Matthias was somehow involved or responsible for it.

Tash looked at the hand on her arm. She could feel a wave of - not pity - understanding. Jade had suffered unbearably, too. *Maybe that's why we connected.* Tash gave a small laugh. She leaned forward, holding Jade's gaze with her own. "We either have to try to keep this thing hidden ourselves, and I think the forces we'll be up against will be too much, or we give it to Matthias. He'll know what to do with it, and I believe he's strong enough to deal with it."

"There's another thing - someone I met the other night is also looking for a crystal. Calls himself Tempest. He seemed like a good man, but he said he had to find a powerful crystal to repay a debt. That debt is to a demon." Tash shook her head. "I told him at the time that it couldn't be a good thing for us if the bad guys wanted it, but now we know for sure. I have to talk to him, convince him not to give one to the demon." Tash knew she was scaring Jade, but there was no way to soften the news she'd been delivering. *I just hope I don't scare her off for good.*

"Tempest?" Jade's hand stilled midway as she lifted to take another drag from her cigarette. *Why does that name seem to mean something to me despite me never having heard it before?*

Tash cocked her head slightly. Did it seem that Jade knew Tempest? "Yeah, that's what he called himself. Do you know him?"

"I'm not sure." Jade laughs self consciously. "That sounds crazy, I know. No, I guess I don't. I've never heard of him before. It's just that the name seems familiar, somehow... Nevermind. So. Now that we've established all of that, where do we go from here?"

Tash took a deep breath. "Personally, I'd like to give it to Matthias. He's had experience with these crystals." *Experience doesn't even begin to cover it.* "He's coming to my apartment this evening. I'd like to talk to Tempest soon, too." Tash looked at Jade quizzically. "If you think you might know him - he's a bit over six foot, wears a long black coat, comes across as pretty intense."

An image of that dark-haired man flashed into Jade's mind. Shrugging her shoulders, she replied, "That pretty much describes a thousand men in L.A..." Unable to keep still, Jade got up from her seat and walked over to a small stand. She poured some scented oils into a burner and lit the wick of the candle under it. Lavender and Chamomile to soothe. As the fragrant fumes swirled and filled the air, Jade spoke again. "I'm not sure why I trust you Tash, but I do. If you think this Matthias is the person to give the crystals to, I'll go along. I would like to meet him though, if that's all right with you."

The smell of lavender wafted over Tash's senses, bringing up memories of her mother standing in much the same way as Jade was now, lighting her oil burner. She shook her head to clear the memory and nodded to Jade. "I think that'd be a good idea. He'll be going to my place very soon and it's getting dark outside. Time to go home anyway. Shall we?" Tash stood and offered an arm to Jade.

Jade chuckled at the gesture. "My first offer in L.A to get walked home and it haaaad to be from a woman. Figures..." Despite her words, she linked her arm with Tash, stopping only to place the dragon sculpture in a box to take home with them.

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 1:37 p.m.

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2002 12:37 am Post subject:


Sorrow stepped into the long shadows at the mouth of the alley. Bob's bar was a few blocks down and it was time to start looking for Jenny's critter. He took a long breath and opened himself.

The sound hit him like a freight train and he struggled against it, drowning in it. Then it calmed, quietened. Sorrow stood in the centre of a tapestry of sound, the sound of a city, living, breathing...dying. He closed his eyes, focused on the immediate area and when he was certain he had it, he all but danced down the street.

Eyes still closed Sorrow listened to the neighbourhood, the complex themes of humanity, the strange notes and odd harmonies of demons, the unnatural dissonance of vampires. He heard it all.

The sound went through him like a bullet, unimaginably loud, heartrendingly pure it shocked him from the trance like a spill of ice cold water. Sorrow gasped, his eyes drawn to two women walking arm in arm down the street. Whatever it was it had come from them, but he had no time.

Looking at the sun he realised he was going to be late. Sorrow paused rebuilt the walls that stood between himself and the rest of the world and walked the last few yards to XY. It had closed early. *Well that's what back up plans are for.* He turned, if he hurried he could reach one of the other shops before sundown.


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Catherine Wiccham
Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 1:44 p.m.
Post subject: Powers

Time had not been on her side lately. Kate had taken the cab down to Poplar Avenue and felt absolutely nothing. She had continued to make the street part of her nightly route to Bob's. Every time she would stand outside the building and try in vain to pick up anything of the vision she had had so vividly only days before.

It had been useless so far, and she was tired of having to walk the thirty minute journey to Bob's especially at that time of night. She knew if she were to meet any vamps or the kind, things would turn out worse for them than herself (she had always been able to take care of herself in a combat situation) but she hated to tempt fate.

However, most of the regulars at Bob's knew who she was and despite their thirst, even for her tasteful blood, seemed to stay out of her way. Vampires were not Kate's concern, they were not the ones who posed a threat to her. Kate had to watch her back for entirely different reasons.

In her line of work the threat was from the demon variety, those that would take her powers from her. It was a constant threat to her, as she knew the only way for a demon to gain the powers of a witch was to kill her first, and then catch her life energy as it escaped from her body, holding on to her powers in the process.

Years ago Kate was not so worried, she had had little power to attract such a demon, but now... Things were different now, and it was not losing her life that frightened her, no, it was what such a demon would, could do with her powers that frightened her to the core.

Her accumulation of powers had been great since she had killed Janus. And she knew she had absorbed her power upon her death. Janus had been powerful indeed, the strongest of her coven. And Kate was now bound together with the magical force of her enemy. Bound with her own magic, her powers had quickly grown to ten times what she had known them to be.

Every day she was discovering some new talent, some new shift in her craft. It wasn't just her telepathic powers that had been heightened, everything, her ability to mentally repel objects, her healing ability were stronger, beyond those of every first class witch she had ever met. And then there were the dreams, the visions, the divulgences into cell speed manipulation which she could never control. They seemed to fluctuate and bend like a lens. One minute powerful the next, weak.

Kate had to try hard at times to control herself. She could feel the the mystical energies flowing through her, and it was a strong aphrodisiac, like a wonderful head rush that hit her with the force of a high speed train. She knew if she let herself, she would get drunk on the power just like Janus had.

Kate always knew the concequences that would occur if she went down the same path as Janus. She knew the watchers' council and her coven would hunt her down like a dog before she could blink. As a concequence Kate had never really pushed her powers to the absolute limit.

She had been too afraid to, too afraid to know the truth...

Season One: Feb 06, 2005 - Jul 06, 2005

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2002 7:52 p.m.

Ebony strolled into Jem's crypt.

"Ready?" Jem asked.

"I'm always ready for something new."

"I know." Jem packed her pistol and her sword. She looked at Ebony. She was humming the jingle from her jewelry box.

"Looking through your pretties then?" she queried as the moved into the street, bird following close behind.
"Mmmm." Ebony said dreamily. "I was going to wear the most beautiful necklace with a black crystal. As I touched it , energy flowed through me. Made my skin tingle. But bird didn't like it."

"Taking fashion tips from your cat?" Jem was not supprised. That would be the Ebony thing to do. Suddenly, something went 'click' in her head. "Crystal?" Jem had been hearing some funny things on the street. "Full of energy?"

"Mmmm." It was no good, Ebony was not listening.

It was several minutes later when they got to the Beazor Complex. Jem walked swiftly past the rings, as she was here on business, but Ebony gaped in wondor at the matches going on below. She smiled craftily at the violent mayhem that she loved so. Jem had to grab her arm and pull her away as they made their way to Kain's office. There was a large Guard demon who looked at them calmly.

"'k, lets get this straight busta," Jem began "We need to see Kain ok?"

"Nu-uh laydy." the demon stood still.

"Ebony?" Jem beckoned Ebony over "This guy won't let us in the party!" Jem knew full well there was no party behind the doors, but she needed to look her best, and beating the crap out of this guy would just muss up her hair. Ebony would take pleasure in this favour.

"That's not nice." She stood on her tip toes to increase the height of her short form. She kissed the demon on the the forhead, leaving the black kiss mark (one of her trade marks - the other being large piles of mutilated people) and with that she jabbed Sparky deep into the demon's stomach. There was a buzz and he fell to the floor, smoke coming from his mouth. "Not nice at all."

Jem put out her hand and helped her walk over the huge mound of demon. Bird took a second to sniff at it and then followed Ebony, as Jem had opened the locked door skillfully.

"Well, ladies." was Kain's calm reaction as Jem strode in, Ebony prancing behind. "What can I do for you?"

"We are looking for some good fighters to join the gang and we hear you only empoy the best at that."

"Then you have heard correctly." He looked a little disgruntled at Ebony who was skipping and dancing round the room looking at everything in the office in glee and delight. "What's with her?" he asked Jem.

"Oh, that's just Ebony, she's not all there. Hey Ebs, Kain here wants to meet you!"

Ebony looked up. "Oh, really?" she wandered over and walked around him, muttering constantly to herself. "Mmm-mmm. I like you. You have power. Like to see the pain. Does it bore you? Does it? Mmm?"

"Um. yes I suppose it does. Which is why I'm always looking for someone new and better."

Ebony stopped her dancing, but carried on humming the trinket box tune She looked hard into his eyes, moving closer and closer, until again she was on her tip toes. Her deep brown, insane, lulling eyes startled him and he breathed in deeply. A scent caught his breath. A Power. A crystal. Black. "You have a crystal?" he asked eagerly "I smell it."

"Mmmm?" Ebony replied vaguely.

"Don't play games, you have one of the crystals!!"

Jem didn't like how excited Kain was getting. "C'mon Ebs, maybe we should come back another time...." but it was too late. From out of nowhere at least twenty assorted vampires and demons were in the room, all armed and ready.

Jem burst into action. demons went flying everywhere, but there were too many. For every one that she shot, hit or sliced, two more were there. She was almost out the door and about to leave. She called to Ebony, "Time to go!" but Ebony had already been taken away. She was not kicking or screaming but smiling and still humming to herself.

"Dumb ass!" called Jem and then she left. She had to, but she wasn't pleased about it. She would get Ebony out soon. She wondered why she had gone so easy with Bird mewing in her arms. She probably thought that it would be exciting and that she wouldn't be bored. Typical.

Jem stamped back to her crypt to think to herself and bathe her wounds. She would get Ebony out.

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