\ 2021-05-25 01:57 - Tuesday

2021-05-25 01:57 - Tuesday

The vampire took the steps to her condo two at a time. If nothing else, Jasmin was in a good mood tonight. There wouldn't be much that could get her down, after all. She was home, she had the Eye safely stowed in a small box; her sword hung in her left hand in the sheeth, carried like she had just come home from practice, if anybody had bothered to ask. Her keys were out and in the lock as she passed inside, shutting the door behind her and locking it.
Jasmin turned then and stopped at the sight before her. Balthazar she knew; Logan she knew. The other two heavies with him, she didn't. “Balthazar,” she spoke with more venom than usual. “I come to find you invading my personal home without an invitation. Is there a reason for this? I thought we had an understanding.”
The sorcerer was sitting calmly on the woman’s sofa, surrounded by his three henchmen. “You know what, I also thought we had an understanding. But then, you had to go and lie to me. I don’t like liars Jasmin, I don’t like them one bit”. Balthazar crossed his legs, making himself comfortable as if he was in his own home. “So it leads me to wonder, why did you do it Jasmin, why did you have to go behind my back? It’s just so very disappointing”. Balthazar gave a quick glance to his two brutes and they began to advance.
Jasmin looked between the two of them and sighed to herself. Humans, she knew from the smell. More importantly, how the fuck did he... the old geezer must have been scrying. She put the sword aside for a moment as they started to walk over, setting the box down, moving to stand with both arms out before her, palms in.
“Let's do this the legal way. This is your warning to leave now.”
The first one aimed a fist to her face, the vampire's face quickly shifting as she reached up to knock the arm away. His other other came around to be blocked easily enough. As her fingers came out to strike his windpipe, she could feel the other one kick her in the kneecap. Jasmin dropped down to one knee, rolling aside in time to avoid a stake aimed at her back.
Then she was back on her feet, and moving again. She caught the next blow on the way to her chest, pulling him towards her. A quick grab, twist, and audible crack as his neck snapped. Her attention returned to the first one now, trading blows with him quickly. The din, the flow of battle, she just felt so alive when it happened. As her palm struck bone of the nose, she again felt another life snuff out. Another lifetime of possibility, gone in a moment.
Jasmin licked her lips as she picked up her sword again, holding it in the left at the ready position. “....you have no idea what a turn-on it is when someone provides foreplay like that.”
“Well, that was a waste of two perfectly good employees,” the sorcerer yawned, completely unconcerned that two men were just killed. “Logan, can you please retrieve that box there. Then we can be on our way”.
Logan nodded, as he advanced slowly. The vampire was clearly dangerous, but he was no push over himself. When he got into range, Jasmin lashed out like a viper, her blade arching up, down and then straight towards his chest. Matching her inhuman speed, Logan spun sideways, his hand shooting out to grasp Jasmin’s wrist. She was quick to react, kicking up, but Balthazar’s bodyguard had anticipated the response and his foot was up even faster, knocking her leg out of the way with his own. With strength that he shouldn’t have, he tugged to his left, practically throwing the vampire across the room.
As she sailed through the air, she had to wonder. What was he? A normal human shouldn't be this fast or strong. Maybe one of those half-breed dem- the thought broke as her back landed on the ground. Legs came into the air, jumping back up onto her feet. “Logan, this man is not worthy dying for,” she snapped at him.
When he began to come close, she struck again with blinding speed, Logan catching the blade of her sword in his hands. She could smell the blood in the palms this closely, more pungent and sweet than normal, drawing her blade back towards her, Logan's advance forcing her to actually retreat up the stairs, towards the terrace.
Logan ignored Jasmin’s comment as he continued to stalk forward, preparing to pounce.
“That’s enough Logan,” Balthazar’s voice called out seriously. Although relatively sure his bodyguard could finish off the vampire, at this point, he was not going to take any unnecessary risks.
Grinding to a halt, Logan stopped his advance and stole a quick glance back. The sorcerer had the box in his hand. “Whatever you want boss,” he answered, honestly a bit disappointed. His blood was pumping and he was itching for battle.
Always an opportunist, Jasmin tried to take advantage of the distraction. Running forward, she intended to decapitate the young man, but it was now the mage’s turn to intervene. With a flick of his wrist, he summoned an unseen force which he used to hurl Jasmin through the windows to the balcony outside.
Balthazar casually walked towards the newly smashed window and inspected the small outdoor space. No fire escape, no other close rooftops - this was perfect. “You know, I do believe morning is just over the horizon,” he laughed, enjoying the sight of his enemy struggling to her feet. “When was the last time you got to see the sunrise? I bet it’s been far too long”.
Calling out words of power, the broken glass flew back into place, reforming the window. One final small spell to reinforce everything and it was done - the sorcerer had sealed her fate. “Thanks for picking this up for me Jazzy,” Romano called out, holding out the box to taunt the woman caught on the other side of the glass. “I owe you one”.
With that, Romano and his bodyguard disappeared out the front door, leaving Jasmin locked out on the balcony.
Jasmin rushed forward. Rage boiled up inside, over any sense of pleasure she might have at the battle, her blade left on the roof. Hands moved over her face, expecting to crash through her own window, fantasies of digging her fangs into Balthazar's neck running through her mind....
....a moment later, she was looking up from the ground, up at the windows, banging fiercly on it. “Get back here you coward!” she screamed at it. “BACK HERE” A final, frustrated bang on the door, and she turned back to survey the area, face returning to normal.
The vampire paced, and felt around in the back of her pocket. There it was. Cell phone. Handy inventions, as she looked back inside. He was gone with the Eye. For a moment, to soothe her rage, she reclaimed her blade and made just a small taste of the blood there... and the rush was incredible. Oh, it was always was, but this, this was special. Powerful.
When she came down from the high, a plan formed, beginning to dial her contacts.