\ 16:36 "Bless me father for I have sinned"

16:36 "Bless me father for I have sinned"

Frieda had been waiting for the SISSY  priest Father Gary to ceom to take confessions like he did at 4:00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday.  She usually came to confession on Wednesday's to see Father Herman who was a nice older man and who didn't  SASHAY and MINCE through the church but rather walked with properly reverent movements.

She also didn't like the way that Father Gary seemed to focus on the youth in the church.  She saw him trying to get those GANG-BANGERS and THUGS into the church with their SLUT girlfriends and she didn't see that as proper at all.  The lot of them should burn in hell like she was going to as soon as she got through doing the righteous work she had left to do.

Father Gary entered the confessional and Frieda stepped up to the door only to have some teenaged girl painted like WHORE wearing a skirt that made her look like a HOOKER jump past her and into the confessional.

She stood there for a long few minutes seething with rage.  She could hear murmured voices that her mind began to construct into a meaningful dialog:

"Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been a week since I last sucked your dick."

"Go ahead, sister, I am hard for you now."

"MMlphp slurp mplpht"

This was too much for Frieda.  To defile the church in this way was beyond the patience of anyone, damned or not.  She knew even as she was flinging open the door and plunging her knife into the girl and the young priest that she'd have to come back tomorrow and speak to Father Herman.  It would be a longer confession than usual, but there were usually fewer people here on Fridays than on Thursdays.