\ 16:30 "Love Scene"

16:30 "Love Scene"

Magda practically jumped off of the bus and into Carmine's arms. Carmine could tell all the other girls thought that Magda was pretty cool since she had an older boyfriend.  Especially one like Carmine who gave her nice things and who had an important job like working for Mr. Balthazar.

Magda ran inside and waved for Carmine to come in with her.  Magdalena's mom didn't like Carmine being inside with her alone.  She said Magdalena needed a chaperone.  Carmine didn't know what that meant exactly but Magda's mom made it pretty clear that Carmine and Magda couldn't be alone together.

"I'll kill you Carmine Bocelli if you defile my pure Magdalena.  I will beat your head in and spit on your corpse.  I don't like you seeing her but I can't stop that.  But I will see that she keeps her virtue intact, Jesus help me."

Carmine didn't think Jesus would approve of her beating his head in, but The Voice had said that Magdalena would be his.  Carmine was on the fence on whether The Voice was Jesus or not.  He figured it was somebody more important than Magdalena's mom.

Magda had lead him by the hand up the narrow stairs to her room. It was painted Barbietm pink.  She had stuck stickers with sparkles all around her mirror and on the computer monitor and had pictures of her and Carmine in frames with lots of pink hears and rainbows.  Magda's room usually made Carmine laugh, but not today.

Magda told him that her momma was at bible study.  She always had bible study on Tuesdays and that she wouldn't be home until after 7:00.  As long as Carmine wasn't here when she got home they'd be okay.

Magda was tugging at his belt.  Carmine just pulled down and his pants dropped off.  he wore them low so that part was easy.  She playfully pulled at his boxers and he pulled off her t-shirt.  Pretty soon they were naked.  Carmine had been naked with girls before.  He knew what was supposed to happen, but Magda wasn't really good like those other girls.

Neither of them had a condom, but Carmine said he didn't need one since he was gonna marry Magda.  She made a lot of noise and didn't smile much.  She didn't seem to like it like those other girls.  Carmine wasn't sure what to do when he saw blood, but Magda said that she had been told in Health class that that might happen.  Carmine finished doing it and then rolled back onto the bed and fell asleep with Magda in his arms.

He dreamed of how beautiful their kids would be.